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Some Buyers are trying to get only our portfolios, They don't want to buy :(

Buyers are trying to get only our portfolios, They don’t want to buy our gigs. Please add your idea here.

Can you elaborate on this?
What do you mean by

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@uxreview That means, They ask as to do something on there project to do on inbox, When we done and upload them, they say amazing,good. but they will never continue with our gigs. I’ve done this 100 times why?

I would ask the same question :slight_smile:
Why are you doing any work for buyers without an order?


@uxreview :smile: you’re correct.
But the thing is the at first they ask us portfolios. And then they ask a thing to do. Then i ask them “Please continue with order” But they say that they want a template of there project to continue.

Can we report those kind of buyer requests.

Simply refuse :slight_smile:
You have a portfolio, if that’s not enough let them move on.

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Thank you!!! @uxreview

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I’m working in the audio and video category and when a buyer ask’s for a sample file to see what I can do to improve it or to check my skills, from a 5 min file that he sent me, I make a sample file that is 1 min. and take various spots from that 5 min. file and combine it together and send him that. That way he has a sample file where he can see my work but also can’t use it for anything, and 90% they order when I do it like that :slight_smile:


Buyers do exactly the same thing what you do when you spend your money shopping in the market, making sure that the money is not being wasted. It’s human nature. So don’t worry, make them sure by your portfolio and offers that they’re putting their money in the right place. Good luck.

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Thanks @graphixunlimite and @davidstudio

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