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Some buyers asking for sample and never return?

Dear All,

Please advise how to handle the buyer’s requests asking for samples and never return.

If the buyer wants a video editing job done for 40$ I will send my offer for 30$, then the buyer responds to my message and asks for a sample.
when the sample is shared buyer never returns. I feel the buyer shares my sample to the seller who is quoting for 10$ or 5$. Any suggestions, please.


Hi there,don’t offer samples I guess. He can check for your previous work that you have on your gigs


My suggestion is to think critically.

They’re clearly scammers but you are oblivious to that fact.

And even if they weren’t scammers no professional buyer asks for “samples” when they can see them in the gig.

And commissioned work is not a sample.

Learn to recognize when someone is trying to exploit you and then move on.

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Thank you so much for your advice.