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Some buyers don't read the delivery file. What would you do?

When I deliver a project, I always send a pdf file with complete instructions and explanations. It’s around 6 pages but you wouldn’t take a lot to read it, because there are images as well.

The major part of my customers appreciate it and it actually helps me to enclose an order without unnecessary follow-ups.
However there are still those buyers, who would keep asking me questions which are already explained in the pdf file. I always understand when someone has read it or not.

Besides suggesting the buyer to read it, do you recommend anything else?

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Do you send PDF file with original delivery or send it before submitting your work?

Means send both together or separately?

With the delivery. I deliver a short video demo and a pdf with instructions. Also I point out in the delivery message that there is a pdf file.

I know why you are asking that, but this is not the case. I never send anything crucial for the project before a delivery.

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