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Some buyers just... 🙄

Had a repeat buyer message me while I was out with a friend for her birthday. Message pretty much said I have another file I need you to edit, but this time I need you to finish within twelve hours. And requested I message back if that’s possible, then she will order. 1. Her last file was very tedious and the content was mind numbing. 2. Not to mention I have a life. The gig duration is there for a reason. It’s nonnegotiable. 3. She didn’t even leave a review last time even though she said how satisfied she was.

I didn’t feel like dealing with this buyer so I just didn’t message back :roll_eyes: Which was pretty much throwing the competition a bone. I have a lot on my plate right now so I don’t mind doing that.

Then about an hour later the buyer places an order… in the order requirements she reiterates that she needs it in 12 hours and to do so if I want a tip… :roll_eyes:
At this point there’s no running from her so I message back and say there’s no guarantee I can give you the file in 12 hours. She says she needs it urgently and at my earliest possible connivence.

I don’t want to have the deal with a negative review so I wake up extra early and neglect another large order that I’m going to have to put off to do this gig. I do so and get it back to her with 10 mins to spare in the 12 hours. And guess what? No tip. No review. No response. Just like the first time. :roll_eyes:

I knew she was full of it from the start don’t get me wrong. But I feel annoyed that this ruse was even attempted. If Fiverr had the basic function of blocking like almost every other website, I most definitely would.


You should have charged her something to make the 12-hour request worth your while. Your time is valuable. If the buyer wants to go outside the listed or agreed terms of your gig… charge him/her for the altered request. :slight_smile:


You ignored your spidey-sense :spider:

I would have sent her a custom extra of about $35 to do it in 12 hours with the message she could have the option to cancel if she wanted to.


Fiverr should really issue safeguards surrounding issues like this. Customer support should have a clear stance on situations like this so that you can have negative reviews removed if the customer asks for something not listed in the gig description.


I agree with Jon & Miss Crystal.

The promise of a tip was to give you the motivation to complete it faster. The buyer didn’t want to pay for an expedited delivery. Time is money!


That would have been a good idea now that I think about it. Thanks I’ll try that

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Send her a message that she needs to always contact you and make sure you can do it before she places another order.

She really did take advantage of you.


It’s not Fiverr’s responsibility to police orders and enforce order terms between buyers and sellers. They even tell sellers… “work it out with your buyer”. This is a freelancing platform. Fiverr should be involved as little as possible between buyer and seller.


You guys are smart XD I didn’t even think of that,

Idk how well it would have turned out though

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She either pays up or she agrees to cancel. You have to be very firm with this type.


Fiverr is able to issue refunds… Thats the biggest interference there is. As long as they can do that without a sellers consent, I think they can help sellers too…

But I see your point.

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Yeah I can see that from other forum stories. :roll_eyes::joy:

Thanks a lot


Except, Fiverr does not issue refunds unless there is an issue that goes against the rules of Fiverr. So, no, Fiverr is not going to offer refunds just to save sellers from keeping a negative review. That’s not how it works (anymore). If they do cancel an order, there was probably a fair rules reason to do so :wink:

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I’ve had bad luck with ignoring requests like that. If I’m able to do it and interested, I typically send a custom offer for the 12 hours and make the price high but reasonable. If I don’t really want to do it, I sent a custom offer that is really high. I figure if they actually order it, at least I’ll make a bundle. You can still end up with a bad review or no review, but at least you have more chance of being well compensated.


No I didn’t say fiverr gives refunds to save negative reviews.

I said fiverr gives refunds. With or without the sellers consent. That’s what happens when an order is cancelled.

I’ve read this forum enough to know it’s not always a terms of service issue. Unjust cancellations happen all the time. If this type of interference is one that fiverr exercises, the “least involved” card has way less leverage.

Fiverr: we are uninvolved work it out with the buyer… until the buyer contacts us and we take the money out your account and give it back to theirs without consent :grin:

Live and learn.

I’ll definitely do that in the future :slight_smile:

You should have charge her more, maybe thrice the gig value and she will simply turn away and if she agrees to pay, I think it worth doing .

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My apologies. I was expounding upon the reasons behind most cancellation requests.

Like I said, there’s usually a reason. We don’t always know what that reason is, but it is always in Fiverr’s best interests NOT to cancel an order – because then they lose money too.

If an order is cancelled, Fiverr usually has a good reason for doing so, and they know that they’re giving up profit as well. Let’s not suggest that Fiverr cancels orders just because they can. There’s always a reason, and that reason outweighs their profit margin.

There’s always a reason of course. But Fiverr doesn’t refund the processing fee. They also refund the money to the buyers fiverr account, leaving the possibility of another sale.

The point I was making is that if working it out with the buyer is our responsibility, working toward a refund should be in our hands as well. Yes there are abusive sellers and Fiverr need’s to step in in that case. But Fiverr has given out unjust cancellations. Not every reason is a good one.

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Yeah I knew that. It was at that point I knew I was going to make this thread