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Some buyers just... 🙄

Of course fiverr should intervene as little as possible but in cases like this, the buyer is ordering a service in a time that wasn’t specified as being allowed. This is clearly unacceptable and is forcing the buyer to complete a task that wasn’t actually specified as being an option in the gig.

Fiverr should be allowed to intervene in these cases. It’s unacceptable for them to just tell the seller to work with the buyer when they shouldn’t have to.

Why should they, though? The processing fee covers requirements outside of the order terms. If the order is force-cancelled due to some sort of disagreement or rules violation, why would they refund the non-seller-order part of the purchase price as well? It’s a consequence of a cancelled order.

The fees cover the order that was previously processed. There was still an order – the fees covered that order.

Whether you (or any seller) may perceive a refund to be unjust or not, is not the issue. Fiverr has policies, and Fiverr honors those policies. In my experience, and in most of the stories I have read here on the forums, Fiverr provides a reason for their cancellation actions.

If there’s a cancellation, you can always contact Fiverr and learn more about that cancellation.

That is why the seller can either send a custom extra to make the fast service worth it to her, or cancel the order. It’s up to the seller to know how to handle this. It’s not up to fiverr to step in since we are supposed to be astute enough to know how to deal with most situations like this.

We run into lots of various situations similar to this. We as entrepreneurs, self employed freelancers, have the responsibility to be smart about how to deal with buyers who do difficult things.


Like a few of us have already suggested… charge the seller for their request. If it isn’t part of the original agreement, you are not bound to complete that request, and, should, therefore, charge for the additional service that the buyer requests/demands. If they don’t want to pay for the new added service, then don’t give it to them.

Fiverr does not need to step in in a situation like this.

If the seller isn’t able to deliver in this time, they shouldn’t be punished by having to cancel the order. The buyer should either contact the seller first or risk contact and alterations from CS.

Most of these types of situations come down to knowing how to stand up to buyers when they overstep the gig offering and not let them get away with it. Let them know in no uncertain terms that you are the boss, and it will be done as you say it will be done.

Don’t let them dictate to you, the seller, what the terms will be, you are the one who has the final say in how it gets done. If they don’t agree to it then cancel.


Of course charging extra can be a solution but in many cases, there is a reason as to why early deliveries aren’t offered is because they aren’t possible.

Cancelling the order unnecessarily punishes the seller for something that was unfairly ordered by the buyer, who ordered something that wasn’t even supposed to be an option.

There should be a third solution for this offered by fiverr. The seller should not have to suffer the consequences because of a buyer that is at fault.

I get the impression that you’re not really listening to what we’re telling you. :neutral_face:

The third option would be to do it in the regular time frame that the gig offers if the buyer refuses to pay extra for a 12 hour delivery. And telling the buyer that.

You can say “I’m sorry but I have some other rush orders ahead of yours and they already paid extra for rush service. I’m happy to do this order in the usual time frame that is shown on my gig. I will put yours ahead of even those rush orders but will have to send an offer for that rush job.” Then you send the order.

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The OP stated that they did this to avoid a negative review. If the buyer wants a delivery in 12 hours and says it’s urgent, then they aren’t going to give you a 5 star review for delivering in 24.

This doesn’t solve the problem of the sellers being negatively harmed.

You can’t be a slave to a fear of a negative review and in this case there would be no reason to get a negative review. Never would I allow any buyer to demand a very rush delivery without paying for it.

If I were so terrified of a negative review I would cancel it and in this case because of the buyer’s entitled attitude I probably would cancel it regardless of any extra payement.


Negative reviews aren’t as important as you progress as a seller on fiverr but newer sellers could have their entire accounts destroyed by 1 negative review.

I understand what you’re saying but there just doesn’t seem to be a solution where the seller is well off.e

See my responses to misscrystal.

Then she should have cancelled it if that was the case, that she was getting in effect blackmailed to do what she didn’t want to do.

She still risked a negative review if she cancelled.

If you give a refund you can’t get a review. She should have said that she couldn’t do it and cancelled it for that reason. There wouldn’t be any review.

I’m not sure why you want to insist the sellers are so helpless. They always have a choice.

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Cancellation still harms the seller as I said above - it affects their cancellation rate and their gig placement in searches goes down.

Fiverr sellers do have a choice, but fiverr needs safeguards to protect seller from these kind of buyers.

Then new sellers need to work extra hard to satisfy sellers and earn positive reviews. Again, this isn’t something that Fiverr should step in to enforce.

If you’re a new seller with few to no reviews, then it is within your best interests to work with the buyer and provide them with services they can be happy about – but do so without letting them walk all over you to get it.

“Let your yes be yes, and your no be no.”


Of course new sellers need to work harder. But certain deadline cannot be met. Whether that’s to do with scheduling, real life events or the nature and complexity of the job.

[sigh] … You’re just not listening. So I’m going to bow out of this discussion. I don’t enjoy talking in circles. Good luck as you continue to grow as a Fiverr seller.

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