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Some Buyers misusing fiverr rating system after automatic delivery "Working in Fiverr with Fear always"


Sir my buyer got the design. He got it and send me the contents to update on the newly created site. Now after few days he came back and asking for changing the entire site design and make the site like another site the he saw recently. Now I’m in fear, do you know why because after delivery he have not rated me, and he may rate me bad if I don’t do entire new design now. It’s just like a blackmail. Sir as I stated before fiverr needs to remove the rate system after the project automatic completion, because many buyer taking disadvantage of this. Sir we are sellers also important to you. So please make a decision what to do for this order…?
“Working in Fiverr with Fear always”


If you facing something like this just Contact with the CS
they will surely help you

Good Luck :slight_smile:


Yes I have sent them the same text copy. But fiverr decision goes to buyers more than 100%.


Sir if you have so much fear, then forget fear and cancel order.

Then no review, no fear, no problem!


But sir here have the main point, the buyer was waiting for the delivery date, the delivery was automatically completed. But in fiverr buyer can rate after automatic delivery also. As the project already delivered and completed then how can I cancel this sir…?


You did not say on your first post that the order was already completed.

This IS an issue, yes you are correct, buyer can now leave a review, BUT only if they ACCEPT the delivery.

So try your best to work with your buyer to satisfy him. Do not refund.


I appreciate you sir, but buyer can leave review if the delivery completed automatically also. This is an advantage to many buyers and they are using this tricks to get more task for free.

Anyway thanks for replying me sir.


No problem.

Good Luck to you! :thumbsup:


Hi there.When a buyer place an order with you, make them understand from the get go that after you delivered their order if they don’t respond within 3 days, the order will complete automatically.
You can also include this disclaimer in your description.
There is also a Q&A feature on your profile; make use of it, and tell them there also.
Basically make them understand fully from the beginning. Then you won’t have this problem going forward.


I appreciate your advice. Thank you so much sir.


Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and agree that the rating system for sellers is not ideal. It gives buyers way too much influence in the personal businesses of the sellers. I have had clients that leave 1 star reviews with no feedback, and oftentimes they won’t return messages. Many buyers expect the moon and the stars for a few bucks, and if you don’t give it to 'em, they’re quick to leave negative reviews.

On the flip side, however, how many 5 star reviews should a seller really care about receiving? Kind of a silly question, I know, but the majority of us want 5 star reviews posted on our profiles so potential customers can see that we do good work. But, as in my case, I’ve had over 250 reviews, with about 3 or 4 being negative. I do like receiving 5 stars, but after awhile, the rating scores start to just balance out, and you’ve got thousands of sellers that all have close to 5 star averages. I really don’t see where that helps a customer make an educated decision either. And customers usually don’t care to scroll through a backlog of reviews just to see how many high scores you’ve received.

I’m to the point, as a seller, where I don’t even read the reviews any more. They carry no weight with me since I believe the rating system ultimately works against sellers. I believe the work I create is good and is a fair value for the price I charge. I stick to the policies I’ve established for my gigs, and work with the clients as best I can. Some love it, some don’t. Some leave great reviews, and some leave bad ones. That’s the Fiverr ecosystem. Just do you, and be proud of it. The value in that far exceeds a couple of yellow stars.


I can see why you’d be worried, given you already have two negative reviews on your profile page, so if I were you, I’d do what the buyer wants. Yes, maybe it’s blackmail. Yes, maybe it’s wrong. If it was going to be your only negative review I’d be giving you different advice.

Also, I don’t think your profile picture is you, and if not, that’s dishonest and you should change it.


@capitalquality The profile description isn’t his, either. It’s taken from several sellers (all using the same description, with different names), and I’ve seen it on another freelancing site, too.


I think you need to do what the buyer wants which I say due to the negative reviews you have already. You don’t need another one.


Why am I not surprised? :slight_smile:


The buyer is obviously trying to take advantage of getting free work after the job was done. Contact support and let them know and try explaining to the buyer that you can not do a whole re-design after your first job was done. If they threaten a bad review for this, support can see the messages and correct or remove it if they feel that buyer is trying to abuse the system. Get support involved if the buyer does not understand further work is another job all together.