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****Some BUYERS on FIVERR are not HONEST***


AS at the time of writing this, my nerves are already cooled down… :grin:

Some buyers are not completely honest at all. I may be wrong but what pains me more is the fact that communication is supposed to be a two wall street yet, these buyers ply one way all the time.

So, a buyer decides to contact me about needing a transcriber to transcribe about 50 audio files of no longer than 30 minutes each. She asked that I give her the cost and I obliged.

After waiting from several hours a day or two, I had to send the buyer a reminder to get back to me the minute she saw my message with the words “please”

What did I get in return? 3 LETTERED WORDS - 3! which read, “Already given Out”

Maybe I shouldn’t get personal with this, right? I mean, a little, ‘Oh, my apologies. I couldn’t get in touch with you for so and so reasons…’

Let me know what you guys think.


Yes, in a true professional environment, you might expect a “Thank your time, sorry but I have decided to hire someone else…” kind of response, but please do realize, this is a online market.

She might have been chatting with a LOT of sellers simultaneously, do you seriously expect her to sit and write “Thank you” letters to everyone?

This is what I do, me and a buyer has conversation, I keep the conversation in my inbox for up to 2 hours perhaps.

Then if no more response, I simply hit this button:

The end.


Please don’t take it personally.

Buyers often ask questions, get quotes etc. and don’t come back to you. I never get back to them after their initial inquiry as I feel the ball’s in their court whether they want to order or not, after they’ve had the info they asked for.

You may have been one of several the buyer approached - she found somebody else that’s all!

Don’t dwell on it! :slight_smile:


I don’t see how that is not honest though?
Annoying, sure but not dishonest.

Whenever I am buying something offline, I don’t go back to each person I have had a 30 second interaction with to explain my reasons for not buying from them. I don’t know why you would expect it here. A message from a buyer is just a message, it’s 0 commitment and you should put in a little effort to entice the client but after you have responded there is no point really thinking about it again IMO.


I had a buyer ask me to do work and when I asked them to pay, they responded the same way… “Already gave someone else”. Two days later the same buyer contacted me and was asking me to do the same work that he had already given to someone else. My response was “Sorry but I already did the work for another buyer” The buyer then asked for a refund for work that he had not paid for… I began laughing knocked over my keyboard. And that is where babies come from… PS I am not encouraging anyone to do what I did because lightning might strike you.


hahaha…i had a good laugh with you reply here.
Thanks anyway.


Perhaps ANNOYING is more accurate. IMO, If she was comparing prices, then it would have been nice to say, “I would get back to you”…I prefer that answer way more compared to “already given out” …

Buying offline is way different from buying online - One deals with real interaction between both parties and the other, you guessed it right. A little more courtesy from buyers here on Fiverr helps sellers a lot.

Thanks anyway for your thoughts.


Oh yeah. I’m not taking it personal anymore :grin:

Perhaps my conversation style is different. I follow up on prospective customers a lot. This has proved to be useful overtime to me.

Thanks for your contribution (see what I mean?)


Yes, I understand this is an online market and one might not have enough time to go through all sellers. However, you do have to realize that it’s different when a buyer sends you a message personally and when they use the buyer request feature where you get to send them your proposal before they get back to you (that’s even if they choose to do so).

Usually, If I make the first move to make contact, I am not so bothered about whether or not I get a reply. … the other way round, I feel the conversation cycle has to be complete.

Anyways, thanks for your thought on this.


I would not have messaged her after I gave the cost except to ask if she has any questions and if I got no answer I would forget about it.

They are not under any obligation to answer. Yours gave you a reply so that was nice of her.


Perhaps I’d do better next time with such type of conversation.

Many thanks for your thoughts on this.


LOL. See this man, you no know where you dey o. But how all of ona carry reach here? Ona one colonize this place join? :grin:

However, I understand your plight; I’ve had such experiences with buyers. They seem to want to get the “apparent” best out of the lot. That may be one of the reasons they communicate with multiple sellers at the same time.

Take it professionally, not personally :innocent:

Fire down.


Haha! I know that buyer. She was somehow rude to me as well. She asked me for the price. I gave her mine then asked what her budget was. She replied with, ‘‘Hi. I asked for your best offer and you issued it. I thank you for that. I have 23 others willing for the budget I put on the request form. Thanks’’ I found that response unnecessary. Mind you the budget on the request form was so low, I thought it was a joke.


I’m glad you know the buyer. I’m creating a new topic shortly and I hope Fiverr does justice to it.


I get this all the time even after replying to them within a matter of minutes as it’s really urgent it’s frustrating but don’t dwell on it you are not alone focus your energy into being a great seller xx


Lol! I’m here for reading comments. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


of course @tarnia That’s definitely what I’m turning myself into.


Well, I laughed over this at one time. Now i’m over it.


Regarding voice-over work… Has anyone been in a situation where a client wants you to send an audition of their actual script, then they use your free audition for their project and don’t’ pay anything? It seems an easy thing for a dishonest client to do.


Exactly! I have a friend who has similar issue with a buyer