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Some Buyers Really Do Care

I’ve had a rough go of it this last month - And, seriously debated shutting down my gigs and cancelling orders that were in my queue until I got my head on straight. I didn’t do that, and now I am glad I didn’t.

You see, my mother-in-law MIL) passed away April 28th. And, I really had no desire to write anymore for the week or anything. However, I had several large orders in queue to get complete. One buyer had just ordered the morning she died (MIL passed away that afternoon).

I let most of my buyers know what was going on. And, many of them understood the situation. I was quite close to my MIL - could tell her anything - so I was def. taking her death hard, crying at every sad song that came across the radio and having immense guilt for not being there when she died. I was really not in the best shape to do any writing.

I offered mutual cancellations for them so if they wanted to find another writer to do business with, they could. They said no it was fine. Well, I managed to get them done this last week. (I didn’t get the mojo back until last week). And, these buyers were extremely thrilled by the results. Unexpectedly, I was tipped by them too. Another buyer ordered the service to try and, liked it so much, he ordered the rest of his ebook to be done.

Now, I’m not saying all buyers care about the situation we go through personally. After all, it’s all about the bottom dollar and business. But, there are many that do… you just have to find them. And, you have to keep in contact with them and make them aware of potential delays or possible communication lapses.

It’s just good business.

Keeping in touch can make all the difference. Sure, a few buyers will be cold and/or won’t believe you but given the chance, many realize we are all human. My grandmother passed away in October and I was new to Fiverr and had about 8 orders in queue. My grandma was 96 and in pain, but my mother cared for her at home until the last moment so my experience was rough due to watching my Mom struggle. I also explained to my buyers. 2 cancelled because they had their own deadlines and even then, only 1 was rude about it. All the rest were very kind and patient. All that waited left me great feedback.

I appreciate hearing about your experience and am sorry for your loss. Glad you stayed! :slight_smile: