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Some buyers request a samples but i can't contact them

hey there!
sometimes some buyers request you to send them a samples or examples… however i cannot find any message button and also their username is not shown. do you have same problem? what to do ?

Samples and examples of your past work are available on your gig – usually in your gig gallery. If buyers ask to see what you have done, advise them to look at your gig/gallery.

You should NEVER be providing free samples of work to potential buyers. If they want your work, they can hire you, and purchase your time and services.


yeah you are right.
for this buyer he wants to know ideas… but before i send offer there was no way to message them.
i wanna know if there any possiblity to contact the buyer before hiring ?

The system is built like that. Sellers are only allowed to send their proposal by “Send Offer” button. Direct contact will be consider as spam.


Thank you for your reply. i understand that

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