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Some buyers want great service for the price of $ 5?


Some buyers really want great service for $ 5. Not deny there are people who are very rich in Fiverr. But it is also a very poor da man on Fiverr. I politely suggest to apply only to buyers who have little money. It will be helpful for you. If they raised many questions about the service. You just need to leave it alone. Since I have 10 people who just ask without buying. It was like throwing waste your time. What do you think?


Be strict with what you are selling and ignore the fact that there are ritch and poor people here, you are selling a set price and people have to stick to what you are giving them.



Whether a Buyer spends $1, $1000 or $1,000,000 dollars they are entitled to your best work.

Whether rich or poor, their money is green and spends the same.

Time spent talking to potential Buyers is never a waste of time. It’s an investment in your future.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Everyone is free to argue. That’s what I want. Do you think is quite reasonable. >:D<


I would argue with you - if I could make heads or tails out of your post.

If you’re too busy to filed questions from your buyers- why not send them to another seller? This will give you more to time to admire the sound of your own voice. Cheers.


Let the buyer choose their preferred service. It will not harm you. Pleased to meet with you ;:wink:


Everyone is free to think what he wants, every person has his own attitude, every seller has his time, his family, his committments and so buyers.

I’m here to sell (and sometimes to buy too) and I do my best for each and every order… doesn’t matter if it $5 or $50, my approach is the same: I’m honest, professional, talk with my buyer, try to let him happy.

Do you think it’s too much for $5? Well, don’t sell then!!

Don’t you want to waste your time talking with potential buyers that ask you and then don’t buy? Well, don’t sell services!

Do you think $5 is not a fair price? Well, you know you can ask your buyers to buy more than one gig: if they agree with your price the sell starts… or those buyers will ask another seller… this is the law of the market I think…


Reply to @kjblynx: I tried to explain (with my poor English) exactly what you tell here! I completely agree with you! :slight_smile:


Talking to prospective buyers and negotiating is never a waste of time. It happens that someone does buy a few weeks later.


Well… that is how it goes… Not everybody will buy… I know its a waste of time but its business not everything materializes… All you can do provide the customer with all the info he wants and hope that he buys …


Pri :slight_smile:


Hi, maybe you could work on what you are saying to them. Keep it short and sweet, but in a way that actually sells the gig they are about to buy. A little bit of over-text sales goes a long way.




@eduedu: Sorry man, but I don’t understand what are you talking about? Tell me please, what seventh sense you have and you can feel how rich or poor are your costumers? Money is money, and if buyers have questions about your gigs, you are here to give them the answers. And to be polite with them. Then your fiverr account will flourish.

Kindest regards,



Well I am not a old seller and I’ve had buyers I’ve had long discussions with. In what I do (especially the AutoCad, Floor Plans and interior gigs) buyers are many times not clear as to what they want or what actually works. I have been paid to give them an idea and your good work always shows through.

I almost always get a message before anyone buys and it is grate to get rave reviews and happy customers. Its about giving your best.

I would be put off by anyone who didn’t answer my questions I work hard for my money and I would like sellers to recognize that.


Dont Worry Just love Your Work


Very good idea