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Some calculation for maintaing the 4.7 rating in the course of 60 days

Hi everyone.
I recently received a notification from Fiverr that I need to maintain the 4.7 ratings above over the course of 60 days.

For June and July, I didn’t have any orders besides 2 in total: 1 with 5 stars and 1 with 3.3.
Now it’s showing to me that I have currently the 3.3 stars ratings and I just want to know first of all how this works with ratings and calculation because I cannot do any math without knowing the rules and also most important :
How many orders I need to get before September 15, 2019, without being demoted from Level 1 to No Level.

Thanks in advance to everyone that will respond to my question, I need some help in here.

This may be helpful to you: Losing & Regaining Points: Rating (Part 2) - Maintaining / Gaining Points


As much as I like to do math, I will came up with my infamous line : I’m a Social Media Manager, not a mathematician. It’s something I cannot understand even if it’s well explained.
I tried to review the table attached to the post but somehow I cannot understand none of that.

Something way much easier to understand?
@lloydsolutions thanks for responding.

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Hi @ruvinasmm

We can’t continuously answer to all users asking the same as you, and waste time calculating for everyone’s specific needs.

The thread was created for giving sellers knowledge and tools for them to be capable of getting answers and numbers by themselves. It was made keeping all kind of sellers in mind, whether or not they are good at math. Just follow the procedure and instructions on how to use the tables.