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"Some categories require that sellers verify their skills" Even after taking tests

I am creating a new gig, entered 5 search tags and noticed them only 2 of them remained when I previewed the gig. The following tags disappeared “Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Digital Marketing”
I looked for tests related to them, but I only found “Social Media Marketing” test which was recommended, and I passed it. Yet, the tags keep disappearing!

Any solutions?

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I don’t know, but is it possible that it takes time for the change to filter through? How long has it been since you took the test? The change may not be immediate. I guess those are the main categories where there have been problems with skills matching claims. I have seen that notice, but haven’t had a problem or been asked to verify skills yet. This was probably because what I was doing was not related to the problem areas.

I took the test 2 days ago. Maybe it takes longer to take effect?