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Some chitchat: WARNING fragglesrock

My suggestion is to remove the criminals from Fiverr. To wit:

Here’s my rant. I have no reason to embellish or make up anything. I didn’t think it could happen here with so many wonderful people with integrity and talent.

But here’s my experience with fragglesrock. He claims he has business experience…read his private email below (one of dozens)

Never buy anything from fragglesrock. His gig is simply a piece of paper about how to break the law. It contains this URL where the scam begins and grows:

fragglesrock starts with :

"Welcome to the Email Processing System!

Thank you for your purchase.

Email me if you need help with your training!

Click here to start your training: http://(hidden).com/email_thankyou_getstarted.html

In the training there is going to be a link to setup your payspree and GoDaddy, substitute those links with the links provided in this email! We don’t use GoDaddy any longer, so email me if you need help!

We don’t Use Godaddy any longer. They only give you a domain. We use www.(hidden).ws. This company pays you for getting your domain with them, gives you another money making website, gives you a lot of tools we usually pay for and builds a residual income for you. And gives you a 7-day trial. Wish GoDaddy did that! To get your domain, go to: www.(hidden).ws

Use this link to setup your payspree: http://(hidden).com/r/7724



That’s what he sells. Sound innocent? It is really the first step down the road to hell. When I say hell, read his email to my inquiries about his “business”.

He wrote this to me in a private email after I ask him questions which he promised to answer. He thinks all I want is my money back and that I’m childish??

This is a public service message to other buyers. Read how this individual speaks to his customers: I could not make this up if I tried:

"All the info you need is in the training! If you knew how to read English maybe you would understand. I stole nothing from you. I have no obligation to teach you what is already there in your training. You made a choice to do this, not me! Then you were an ass! I don’t care if you fail! I will focus on the people who want my help and want to be successful at this. I am not defensive, I am just not going to entertain your tantrum. I don’t want your $50 for an hour you have wasted my time on Father’s Day. I was more than willing to help you before you childish behavior and threats and now you have threatened me again. GO fragglesrock YOURSELF. I am AMERICAN. Not lazy, funny how everyone wants to come here and exploit our country, then insult us. You were looking for help, not me! I live in a better place than you will ever! Do whatever you are going to do. Your threats mean nothing to me! I don’t have a contract with you, good luck you are being blocked!"

Sheriff’s notes:

  • it's not allowed to call out other users
  • It's not allowed to publish external urls
  • Please stop posting this thread all over the forum

First of all, sorry for your bad experience, but… well, how could he write you a private email? You’re not allowed to share your email address on Fiverr, so I think you did something that violates Fiverr ToS and your account could be banned…

About that seller: you should absolutely report him to Customer Support as soon as you can. Frauds are taken seriously: I’ve personally reported several bad behaviours and many accounts have been disabled…

All his other gigs are part of the same sucking noise made by the international scam perpetuated by this individual…his identity is fake. His profile is completely fake.


Not only will you not make a cent. You can’t…that’s the felony they commit nationally and internationally.

Fragglesrock…google it. Are there nice things about it…anything positive. He demands you use it. That way you can test the fake button that re-routes all the money into fragglesrock paypal account.

I’ve already made numerous complaints to federal authorities. Fiverr so far has taken no action. I love Fiverr! But I will not suffer a criminal and his lies. Everything is a lie. All of it. STAY AWAY

@drazulene If you don’t report this person to Fiverr support, they will never know what he is doing. Members are expected to follow the terms here, and be adult about it, but that doesn’t mean scammers don’t try to get in.

I don’t know what the seller’s gig was supposed to be, but it sounds as if it’s a get-rich-quick, or make-money-by-doing-nothing/very little type scam. As long as there are people gullible enough to buy something even when it sounds too good to be true, there are other people happy and willing to sell it to them.

As @mark74 pointed out, the fiverr Terms of Service do not allow members to use off-Fiverr ways to communicate or pay for transactions. Doing so means that Fiverr is unable to provide help, even if they wanted to. You’re on your own. This is no secret rule: when you sign up with Fiverr you indicate that you have read and understand the TOS.

Until this disreputable person is reported to Fiverr, more people will be hurt.

BTW, speaking of removing “criminals” from Fiverr…did you know that in some states it is against the law for a student to submit homework DONE BY SOMEONE ELSE and presenting it as his own? Helping someone break the law is considered abetting.

I think I read in a book somewhere about “he who is without sin…”

After I posted the above, I realized that the seller’s name was still in the original post. When I checked I found the account was deleted. So apparently this OP or perhaps others reported the seller, and for that I say “thank you”! Personally, I find people like that seller detestable, and I hate being associated with any like him because we’re doing business on the same platform.

Good riddance, cheater! Don’t darken our doorstep again! L-)