Some clients orders us without discussing, Then they cancel the order


I am really confuse with this order cancellation. It always affect to sellers profile. Some clients place order without discussing. so sellers don’t have time to understand the project and don’t have enough delivery time. The clients need to cancel the order.
so I hope it needs a fair option for both buyer and sellers.

What are your thoughts my friends???
If I am wrong , please explain me about this.

Have a nice day…



Actually nothing to do here. Maximum seller suffer this issue! There is a solution. You can write your gig description header " Please message me before placing an order" It will save you getting unwanted order.


always seller is victim :persevere:


Yes of course. :+1:
Thanks a lot for your response. I did so. I hope it will work.
Thanks again @shovonboshak11 :grinning:


Ya of course. :disappointed_relieved:
Let’s have a hope that Fiverr will do something for that @pran_production


Yes, it really works. I faced the same issue which you are facing now. Now 95% buyers message me first. But some buyers who want to buy 5-10$ gig they don’t read the description so they order directly.


Sadly yes, the only thing is to do have this information included in the gig description and hope for the best.


It is up to us sellers to find ways now to not cancel orders. We can refuse to cancel orders and extend delivery times, do more work for less money, do exactly what we say we are offering in the gig description.

Try to find a way to deliver what the gig offers in the description in spite of the buyer who wants more, or something different. Now communication with the buyer is more important than ever.

This is up to each of us to find ways to not cancel orders.


It really isn’t always possible to do this. There are the buyers who are keen enough to buy your gig but then don’t give any requirements or straight out say ‘oops my mistake, refund please’. There’s no way of cajoling buyers like this at all.

We aren’t, and can’t be, responsible for the actions of others. We can only be responsible for ourselves.


Agreed here.

I had two buyers this month place orders of $200 and $240… Neither one filled out the requirements for the order to go active. Both of them were cancelled - but I’m the one punished. Doesn’t seem fair to me. On top of that, it says that the buyer and I mutually agreed to cancel the orders. Other than the push message to these buyers to submit their details, I had no conversations with them. In fact, I wasn’t even involved in the cancellation process. I was just notified that the orders were cancelled. And yes, both of them are no longer active on Fiverr.

So, why am I being punished again?


I definitely feel your pain, it’ a losing battle that’s for damn sure. In fact, it’s mind-boggling that Sellers have to pay the price for this nonsense. :confused:


i experienced same problem


Has anyone ever asked support why exactly is the seller punished for buyer’s actions? :thinking: I still don’t understand.


Ah, may be its not true always. Fiverr always encourages sellers. I think if you give a proper reason, fiverr will help you, for sure.