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Some curiosity about your goals!

Back in time when you subscribed to fiverr what were your goals?
And confronting the reality, what are they now?

I am a retired teacher. :woman_teacher:t2: I joined Fiverr because I do not like to drive on icy roads or walk on slippery :ice_skate: walkways in the winter :snowflake: to get to work. However, that is precisely what I had to do when I substitute taught to earn enough to make a bit of :moneybag: to buy the little extras I wanted.

A friend told me about Fiverr, and my goal of making enough extra dollars has been realized. :money_mouth_face: Now because of my Fiverr income, I no longer find it necessary to drive :blue_car: on icy roads and walk on slippery sidewalks in the winter time. :snowman_with_snow:


That’s a lovely story. Made me smile! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! :blush: Fiverr has been good to me. :heart:

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A true inspiring story! I am very happy for you, and I hope it will carry on!

I subscribed to fiverr because I wanted to assist people… Luckily this assistance generate some $$$ and now I am addicted to fiverr…

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A win win situation. Nice to heart!