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Some Customers Expect the World for $5

Entitlement at it’s best!

There have been 2 experiences like this within this past week!

Please let me know if you can relate or what you think about this situation.

The 1st instance was when someone came to me months later after the gig was completed and wanted me to make a complete revision.

I have a gig where I will post articles or ads on a website that I own. The customer came back and wanted me to change the ad to something else and even change the URL on the ad! So basically what they requested was for me to do a whole new gig!

When I told him that it would require an additional gig, he tried to tell me that he asked 10 other people the same question and that they essentially “jumped for joy” to assist him. (Finding that hard to believe) When I told him that I expect others to be paid for their time and efforts and I hoped that others would expect the same with me, he told me that the others helped him because they provide good customer service and I don’t know how what customer service is. I said nothing after that. I’m not going to argue and didn’t want to engage with the ignorance anymore.

The 2nd instance was a voice over that I did for someone. They sent me the script and told me to have an “excited” tone in my voice. So that is exactly how I delivered it.

Once I delivered it, they requested a modification and asked if I could make it “seductive”. I don’t know about anyone else, but I thought excited and seductive were 2 different things.

It is also been clearly written on my gig description and in the gig requirements, that due to the amount of time and effort involved in creating a professional quality voice over, I do not do free revisions unless it’s my mistake. But yet people still hit the “request modification” button.

Why do people expect SO MUCH for $5?!?!

I understand that everyone wants a deal, but they’re already getting a steal for 5 bucks, and that is enough! Just like the customer, we all have lives and have to feed our families.

If I order someone else’s gig, and I feel the gig is worth a bigger value than $5, I will always tip, even when I can’t really afford it. I feel that it’s only right to do that when someone puts in so much work and is offering up such and extreme value. I guess it just boils down to the fact that not everyone has the ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

So what do you guys think?