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Some doubts with my first order

Hi! I’m making my first order and I have some doubts that hope someone can clarify.

My gig offers “48 hours delivery and 1 revision”. I made the order clearly in time and the revision very quick too but the client keeps asking for modifications and don’t know why the order appears as “in revision” and “x days late” when I did the job in time and the revisions exceed what I offered.
Why does my order NOT appear as “complete” when I clearly made my job in time? I mean, it’s not my fault if a client want changes out of the first (and only) revision.



The way Fiverr works, you only have two choices. You can keep doing revisions until your client is happy, or you can cancel the order.

Welcome to the gig economy. :frowning:


Talk to him or her and ask how you can help them to successfully complete the gig dont be afraid to explain that you offer 1 revision and send custom offer for additional work.

Ok. I thought that when it says 1 revision it was actually one time not that one over and over.

Thanks for the tip. It’s just that I thought that 1 revision included the first time not many others until it’s finished. Plus I don’t think it’s fair for the seller that delay when you are pretty quick with revisions and the client’s answers take 1-2 days.

You can set revisions at zero. However, buyers can hit the revision button as many times as they like. It is grossly unfair.

The problem you are facing is also usuially the result of experienced scammers knowing how to target new sellers to get work for free. Setting prices at $5 attracts these people. Consider upping your prices to shoo them away.

Also, you can redeliver exactly what has been paid for with a message saying that you are sorry but your buyer has already used their included revision. Then you just need to be prepared for a bad review.


First of all you don’t need to be worries about “late” sign because it wouldn’t affect your profile as long as you delivered your original delivery within the deadline

Because it’s not complete. :woman_shrugging: You are working in services and you can just say that you did it and you don’t care if your client is unhappy with your work and just walk away with their money.

Fiverr will allow them to request revisions but it’s on you to tell them that they used all their revisions included in your gig and that you will be sending them custom offer for x$ for the additional revision and send it right away after your message.


It’s not like I don’t care about the client, I’m not that kind of seller at all. I do care a lot but if I offer a service and a revision (and both are done on time and very carefully) isn’t fair that a 5$ order takes you about 4/5 revisions and more than a week because the client keeps asking for revisions and adding/changing the conditions.

No need to worry if your delivery is as agreed with buyer then you are fine, again you need to make clear your position and send custom offers for additional work!

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I agree and I had already decided to up the price to avoid these things.The problem is that as beginner we need the first good reviews.

Ok, thanks. I guess that in case of argument with a client for this reason Fiverr would give the reason to the seller (when you’re send everything you offered on time and reply the first revision), right?

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