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Some error in payment peocess


Dear sir
we are looking for logo & intro for youtube channel so we are order a logo but Some error in payment process so we could not complete payment process please help us


I have had the same problem. I can no longer pay for gigs with my credit card, and the option for PayPal is no longer available. Maybe it is just a bug in Fiverr? I have contacted support but no resolution so far.


Hello, this is the forum, users like yourself, sellers and buyers helping each other out with tips or discussing or having fun, but hardly any ‘official’ fiverr staff is reading or reacting here,
for your issue you´d better contact Fiverr’s Customer Support, here is the link (you can find it in the footer on the page too):

Might be a bug, yes, CS replies can take a bit, depending on how many tickets they get, they aim at replying within 24 hours I think, I usually get replies pretty fast.


but bro i am also unable to complete payment process via paypal