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Some experience of fiverr

here is my some experience about fiverr profile

  1. Short Gig Title. Clear and concise gig titles perform better
  2. Detailed Description. Buyers should know exactly what they’re getting before they buy
  3. Video and Images
  4. Targeted Up sells
  5. Ask for Feedback
  6. Offer a Guarantee.
  7. send more buyer request
  8. active on fiverr forum
  9. look your portfolio very strong.

wordpress expert and digital marketer.

here is my gig link about wordpress :-

thank you so much for visit.


Never. Ask. For. Feedback! You could get a warning or lose your account! :scream_cat:

Being active on the Fiverr Forum DOES NOT help you get sales! :grimacing:

What kind of guarantee would you offer? Because if you offer 100% satisfaction or you will give a refund to your buyer then your stats take a hit because the only way to give a refund is to cancel the order. Then your stats take a hit and you lose money. Plus, more than likely you will not be able to send Buyer Requests! :nauseated_face:

Most of your advice is not good advice! Please do not mislead new sellers in this way.

Also, it is against the Forum’s rules to post a link to your gigs!

@khayrul77 I see you like my post. Does that mean you will remove your bad advice in the post above? :wink:


That’s the problem with copying and pasting a blog post from six years ago. Things are likely to have changed since then.


Seems like this was just to promote your gig whilst regurgitating poor advice which doesn’t work and clearly hasn’t worked for yourself.


And originally it was not even under “My Fiverr Gigs,” where it belongs.

thanks for your advice. and i am highly appreciate to your word.

You ar welcome. It is best to leave the advice giving to the experienced sellers who have had much success on Fiverr.

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Really, You are right! A newbie should follow your steps.
Thank you very much!


@khayrul77 Thanks for sharing such a important experience .

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Thank you so much. That’s really informative

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