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⏵⏵⏵ Some Fiverr Experience Observations ⏴⏴⏴

Recently it was a year since I’ve started my activity on Fiverr.

There were sure ups & downs throughout this experience. So, when there were “sad” periods and suddenly things could go up I started to notice some things.

In this topic I want to share my thoughts and observations concerning the Fiverr experience. Please note, that it’s just a matter of opinion - I’m not saying that all of it 100% true.

If you’re an active Forum User, your gigs will get more impressions

I notice that every time I start to browse Forum and leave some messages I also start to get more leads on my gigs. Does Fiverr really counts your activity on the Forum? - I don’t know. But it seems reasonable - if anybody’s behavior looks like he’s really interested in promoting his service, searching some info on the Forum etc why don’t help this person a bit with getting more impressions? Anyway, just a thought…

Response Rate now counts all the messages

Recently I noticed that my response rate dropped down drastically. I was surprised because I really try to answer all the new leads ASAP. What didn’t bother me as much was answering people with whom I already started a conversation. It seems to me that right now Fiverr discreetly counts your RR to following messages even though there is no official information that it does so (or I just missed it). Anyway, just a thought…

Gigs are always being Stirred in Search

Throughout my experience, I noticed that even if you are constantly working on Fiverr, searching, browsing, modifying gigs, trying to get new clients etc. sooner or later there will be a period when your service will be dropped down for some time (your gig surely won’t disappear but its position will be much lower. Suddenly you might stop getting new leads and orders even though all your recent orders were rated with 5 stars. And it wasn’t a one-time story. I faced it many times. Seems to me that’s the way Fiverr is letting some “rookies” to interpose in their business. IDK… Again, just a thought…

Updating Video, Extras and Gig Description gives you a Small Boost

You probably noticed this on your own. Every time you update your gig Fiverr is giving you a small chance “to get higher” I suppose. There were many cases when I edited gigs a bit and immediately (in 1-2 days) started to get new leads -> new orders.

Being Constantly Online Gives You a Small Boost

I noticed that if you are constantly Online (even if you just refresh your web-page from time to time) soon you might start getting new leads. That’s reasonable I think. Fiverr sees that you’re always ready to answer a new client and thus get a new order and bring a bit more money to Fiverr. Anyway, just a thought…

You Don’t Die if Your Rating Drops Low

Funny thing. In the beginning, I was really… no… REALLY scared of canceled orders and low ratings. IDK, I was just afraid of losing even this little reputation that I gained. Since my first conflict order, I started to realize more and more that there’s nothing scary in getting some negative reviews. Yes, you will lose your Search position. Yes, your reputation will be damaged. Yes, it’ll be uncomfortable. But sooner or later you’ll realize that it’s not a total disaster if you are a bit late with the delivery. It’s not a total disaster if you are canceling the order. You better save your mental health rather working with a foolish client in a stressful state doing something you don’t want to do. Relax. And do want you want to do. And don’t do what you don’t want to do. Work with nice people and don’t work with unwise people. I think in that case your rating will be a bit lower, yes. But your proficiency and your reputation will be stronger. You are confident in your skill and service. And people see this…somehow maybe. All in all, sooner or later you’ll manage to restore your rating.

There are more thoughts and observations that I noticed during my work on Fiverr so it might be that I’ll return to you with a new pack of advice :slight_smile:

Finally, I want to repeat - it’s just a matter of opinion - I’m not saying that the things are just as I think about them. I might be totally wrong. In that case, I’ll be glad to read a mythbuster-reply :smile:

Have a nice day!


Wao! I learn a lot. Thanks for posting.

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I don’t think that’s correct, since if it was, messages where the ‘buyer’ has left the last message would have caused my response rate to drop. So I’m sure it’s still only counts the first reply to the first message received from a new potential buyer.


Being a forum user does nothing for your gigs.

Being constantly online does nothing for your gigs.


Since there’s a filter by “online” status it probably helps to be online sometimes (for people who search using that filter or who look at the online status eg. in messages). I think it probably does take it into account, but it may not greatly affect some gigs. There’s also no stats on how much of an affect it does have.


I’m online 12 hours a day at least. It does nothing aside from times when I get a lot of messages, but it doesn’t affect where my gigs appear.

We don’t know the algorithm for search results. It may help someone get more orders if someone wants something done in the next few hours and probably also uses the “online” filter in the search option to find a seller who is currently “online”.


The algorithm would need to be continually checking everyone’s online time and making adjustments based on that. That’s hard to imagine.

I still have my gigs disappear from search or leave the first page when I edit them or pause them.

In theory it could update something to do with the search index occasionally. Maybe it could be some counter of how frequently the user is online. Maybe it could hold a “last online date/time” that is updated occasionally for the search index so that sellers who haven’t been in the online status for a very long time show lower down in the results. eg. someone not seen in months might be lower in the search results than someone who is online now.

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I used to see gigs where the seller hadn’t been online in a year still getting orders.

But were they lower down in the search results normally?


Hi @uk1000 and @misscrystal

The problem when trying to describe a system blindly (black box system), is that there could be factors overlapping or covering up each other, which may lead to true conclusions - yet when starting from a false premise - due to invalid (incorrect) reasoning.

In these cases (black box system), as reasoning is approached only through observation, even if premises could be true, conclusions can only be considered as probable because the information that’s being handled is always uncertain and debatable.

So, anything that could be said, can be either part of how the algorithm works or just thoughts to the wind.


good thinking helps to see things that can happen in fiver from another perspective.
to see what can be improved every day. to achieve the optimal conditions and thus achieve the objectives (more orders).
Thanks for the input

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen arthurborsuk — their last post was in Aug '18.


If you’re an active Forum User, your gigs will get more impressions


It’s not the Forum.


Or like some people say “correlation doesn’t equal causation”.

Though some things like being online at least occasionally could help, not just because of the online filter but we know that Fiverr thinks response time is one reasonably important metric (since they show it (average)). Some things could be calculated by looking at search results (though they may be different for different people), and while correlation doesn’t equal causation, if certain things are likely to result in higher numbers of orders or make gigs higher in search results, it may still be worth taking that into account.


I didn’t mention exactly POSTING. Just read some topics…

We know you don’t get orders from reading the forum.

Please don’t tell people ridiculous misinformation.


Great Post… Thanks a lot! @arthurborsuk

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I have always been leaned to think that everything (whatever “everything” means to Fiverr) is taken into account. That’s why I said that whatever we might say or think, it could be part of how this works - or maybe not, who knows…



every time I start to browse Forum and leave some messages