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I’ve been online now for seven hours continuously today and gotten two messages that were not from previous buyers. Did they place orders? No.


No one said that you will get orders 100% of the time.
It is only said that being online, increase your chances, that is it!
Getting 2 messages from 2 potential buyers, might be because you were online.
It is not a 100% guarantee that you will get orders being online. No one said that.


Being online gives you the advantage over others who are not online as you are potencially available for a job. That doesn’t mean that sales are guarantee. There’s a human factor involved in materializing sales.


I’m so grateful to hear this information so I will stay online even beyond my usual 12 hours seven days a week for the past six years and two months. I could increase it to 14 hours a day I suppose.


That’s also not good and harmful. I really don’t understand why people do this crazy things putting their health at risk…


Sarcasm is not gonna help either. What is being discussed by @uk1000 (at some point) is being online being helpful or not. The answer is YES!
It is not a guarantee, but it is helps. It is very easy to understand uk100’s point of view.

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Ok then I won’t stay online so long, better?


You can do whatever you like best. It’s your health not mine :roll_eyes:


Best answer so far. I wish I could give more than 1 heart!


It’s obvious though… I will probably go on as usual. My point was that even as much as I’m online I’m not always getting a lot of impressions or sales or even on the first page of the listings. I get more messages when I’m offline usually.

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Customers can be in a rush buying from any category, being online definitely helps! (but again does not guarantee)
No matter what some confused sellers say on this forum.

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If you mean I’m confused how is it that I’ve had experience here and am simply relating it? I’m not new on fiverr. I often get more orders and messages when I’m offline. It’s rude of you to call me or anyone here "confused’. I’m allowed to disagree without being insulted.


Nope, I didn’t mean you specifically or any one else. It is a general point of view.
I did not mean to insult you or anyone else. Besides, it is not rude at all if I see you or anyone else confused. It is my opinion, and I can express it. But again, I did not mention you or even replied to you.
(BTW: I didn’t see your last edit of calling me rude, it is rude of you to call me rude when I haven’t even talked to you!)


I’m the only one here who has the position that you are disagreeing with. You’ve made a couple of comments now like this. You are calling “someone” confused or “sarcastic”.


So what?
I am being generic, I haven’t mentioned your name or anything. Even if I did, its my point of view, so what (whether I am wrong or right)?


I’m sorry for being rude to you - you’re right. I shouldn’t speak that way.

You too have a nice day!


Yay. It is my turn to be on the end of the queue.

Even if I got more than 500sales on the same gig i find myself like the last gig on the last page on every research XD

I really hope to have the chance to raise soon =)

Hugs to everyone


Thanks for your valuable tips…