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Some Gig Advice?

Looking for some advice for improving my Poster Gig.
Just joined the other day so I know it will take some time for my first order.
Still very curious for advice!
I put the price for very cheap to begin with.


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Hello welcome to Fiverr, eh lol

I don’t have any advice for your Poster gig as it looks pretty good but I’m sure others might be able to offer some tip. I do want to tell you about the Buyer’s request section, it’s a great way to break the ice.

I like your strategy of offering a lot of value at the beginning to build up your profile. I charge a lot more for my service now that I got some good reviews under my belt.

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Thanks! I’ll definitely check out the Buyer’s Request section.

Hello bbrigidd,

I love to see that you are joining Fiverr family! For my understanding in 2 weeks working with Fiverr, you need have a good gig presentation and catchy photos of your product. Check your items tags, research a little on what people will type to find your product.
At the end check the buyer’s request section and try to apply to some work there, then you can receive good feedback on your gigs.
Don’t forget to check your gigs analytics if they are dropping down you might have to change something, but don’t change too often you might ruin something that is good.
Opportunities come on any day! So don’t give up :ok_hand: ! You will get your first order!

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Thank you!! Will take this into consideration.

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