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Some gig extras won't activate?

Got away from Fiverr for awhile, just coming back. Love the new updates, but I’m having an issue with my extras?

Some of them won’t activate. I click, add description, price and time frame… Hit update, and they unselect and don’t appear on my gig! All the details remain the same in the edit screen.

There’s no rhyme or reason, either. One of my gig allows three of my five gig extras, the other that I’ve been fiddling with only allows one of three. One is even denying Extra Fast!

What am I doing wrong?!

I’ve seen other posts about this and it seems to be an issue for some people. I haven’t heard of any way to resolve it yourself, so I would suggest opening a ticket on the Customer Support page. The hyperlink is in the upper right corner of that page. If you get help or find out a way to resolve it on your own, it would be great if you could come back and update this thread! Good luck!

Will do, thank you!

Is Customer Support as slow to respond as they used to be? They took 22 weeks to get back to me one time.

They got back to me within 10 minutes.

I checked your gigs and all the extras are visible. I then went to check my own gigs and it turns out you cannot see your own extras. :slight_smile:

To see what your profile actually looks like, logout of you account and the go to

Actually, on my advert gigs I can see the extras before logging out.

On the instructions gig I cannot.

For that reason I am guessing it’s a catergory specific bug.

Good news though, it looks as though the problem only excists with the a seller viewing his or her own gig extras.