Some gigs are getting benefited and fiverr does nothing!


Yes, some gigs are getting benefits, i dont know if it’s intended by fiverr or it’s just a bug.

I’ll be short:
My bestseller gig is the 2nd most rated and better rated gig in Vector Tracing category (4200+ reviews, only 2 negative). If you doubt, you can just check the category, and if you find more than 1 with more rates than mine, I’ll buy you a $5 order.
So my sales dropped a lot last month and I started to investigate this. Then I realized that using the keyword VECTOR (the most important one) my gig was in the 2nd 3rd page (sorting by AVG CUSTOMER REVIEW), and some new gigs were STUCK in the top at the front page.

Even having one the best performances in my category, my gig was and is FLOATING between 2nd, 3rd, even 13th page, and these new gigs keeps stuck on top. Some of them have about 4% negative reviews.

This one in special has about 500 reviews (20 negatives). I got 500 positive reviews in just 3 months. This one got this in about 1 year. HOW COULD MY GIG IS GOING WORST THAN THIS GIG?

RESUMING: My gig is drowning little by little because these benefited gigs who no matter performance, are on top of rating searches. In the end, I passed from 2nd place in my category to 4th.

There are gigs with just 18 reviews (200+ times less than me) STUCK in the first page over a month.

PS: about 80% of the first page ranked gigs in my category, can be found in the first page using search keywords, why my gig and those 20% cant?

Or fiverr has a fail search system or just want to benefit some gigs with no reason.

does someone having the same problem?


We’ve already had this discussion – multiple times… and in multiple topics that the mods have already closed. We have been informed that there are changes taking place in the search results, and those changes/tests are currently affecting placement. However, continuing to complain about them and the fact that your gig doesn’t have top placement is getting VERY old.

Please be patient. Fiverr is working on it. And, until they fix things, there is nothing we can do.


Beside complaining, I just want an answer why some gigs CAN be benefited and some CANT?

So it’s a new question, so keep you complaining about my complain isn’t something new too, right?

I wont stop still it don’s stop too :slight_smile:

Some people, like me, dropped their regular jobs because of fiverr.
I wouldn’t be complaining if the issue was mine, or external, like buyer dont want my gig anymore, but you as brand developer probably have some business knowledge, and should know that keeping those random gigs on top are benefiting them and prejudicing others.

( I already know you will say that we should just have only fiverr and etc, but your reality isnt the same of mine and others).

I do not doubt of my competence, or I wouldn’t have the rates I have. My concern is about this search FAIL or MANIPULATION. It’s impairing the functionality and BLOCKING any chance of growth at fiverr).

Fiverr wont just bring us on top again after our fall. And keeping it like this we will just keep falling anyway.

I’m sure you do not have the same problem because your gig is on top, for you it didn change and it wont change, so you dont know much about our concern.

Anyway, if you are not having this problem, and you think this post annoying, maybe you should try to help or focus on post which you can help with something.

Keep in mind that for some people fiverr is just something, but for others it’s their lives.

I wont change my ideas and the way I’m trying to do to get this “fixed”.

Please, it’s not personal, but keep complaining about complain, it’s getting VERY old too.



Looking at your profile, it looks like you’ve delivered several gigs the last few days, including today. Are those from repeat clients?

I know several newer sellers have benefited, however, I also know that some veterans sellers suddenly started getting surge if orders from buyers.

My search indicates a mixture of high and low reviews with TRS and 0 scattered throughout. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern.

I have stopped buying temporarily because 5r new review system is so icky, I’m still irked. I was going to hire 5 to 6 male and female vocal artist.

After the 1st order, 5r had, yet again, changed the buying process. I was so mad, I quit there. I didn’t buy the other 9 gigs. Yes, I am a serious buyer. I don’t exaggerate - anyone can Google search me.


about 60+% of the orders I’m delivering is related to repeat clients. If it wasnt them I would have dropped fiverr, because my bills cant wait for fiverr.

Also, I never had so many repeat buyers as these last months. I’m being lucky at this point, or I would be “drowned” like many other sellers I saw “drowning”. But if it keeps this way, I’m one of the next.

I’m like you Gina. By the way if you see at ALEXA ranking (a site where shows some information about site traffics) fiverr is also drowning, while it’s best rival site is going UP. Any coincidence?


And it won’t be fixed by you continuing to complain about it – especially when the mods have closed down recent threads that have been driven by YOUR repeated complaints.

I understand that you are upset. But there is nothing that you can do right now. This search placement issue will be fixed when Fiverr fixes it – and not a moment sooner.


You are mistaken again, because if weren’t frustrated sellers like me complaining a lot, then fiverr would never take any action.

Mods closed it not because MY repeat complains, but because not related messages to that post, also because YOUR complains. You CAN’T know this, right? so again you are mistaken.

You can be sure that keep waiting wont do nothing too :slight_smile:

And if you read the post, I want to know WHY some can be benefited and some cant? It’s been almost 2 months of this and no answers


Seriously, man, I don’t think you’re even listening to yourself.

Fiver IS taking action. They’ve even announced that they are doing so here on the forums. Your complaining isn’t a factor in this. They announced their awareness days ago, and here you are, still complaining… and still demanding that Fiverr tell you something. They’re not going to tell you anything more than they’ve already announced.


As I keep complaining, you keep complaining the same too. Does it works? NO :slight_smile:

So if you expect I stop without getting an answer? Should I expect the same for you too?

I never said my complain is a factor. Please, I created this post to see if I get an useful answer from other concerned sellers/buyers, not to get complains about complains. Your complain wont change my position, unless you have something useful.


Yes, there are others here that also make most of their living from Fiverr. Note that just like working for a company, it’s always smart to be sure you diversify a bit.

A company can lay people off, or go out of business, or change their direction and fire people. It happens every day. As a freelancer, it’s important to see if you can have additional income streams. Depending on any one freelance site makes life depend on how they handle it.

They don’t owe me any jobs, they give me a platform, and right now it’s working very well for me. (I have huge sets of repeat clients…)

It varies and I see they can change how the ranking works anytime. They may decide they do better with a mix of less experienced sellers, and the older ones. I have no idea, I just know you and I have very little control over those things.

So control what we can, meaning look if there are other platforms/venues to have some revenue/business in place.

I’d love to earn all my money from Fiverr on one hand, but it means if they change the rules (their game), I am stuck. Not where I want to be…


Lisa, I’m a graduated business administrator. I know it all, I also understand that if fiverr resolve to close tomorrow, they can do and there is nothing we can do. It’s a fact. I’m just working as graphic designer here because the dollar conversion is good to me, also I’m getting better earnings, and also I’m doing something I love.

I also know that as a company, the main objective of fiverr is to maximize their profits. But keeping one eye open, because I already read a lot of BUYERS reports changing platform because fiverr “isnt doing a good job”. A close report is from Gina (some messages above).

I just focused only on fiverr because I didnt had extra time to work for another platform or services. Some days I worked about 14h, there was no way to manage another service.

I know fiverr can do anything they want, but I’m pretty sure they are not trying to impairs it’s own company.

If you know something about web traffic you will see fiverr is falling down a lot, while some rival platforms are growing up. Is it my concern fiverr does well, so we all do well too, as months ago.

But if there is something I could do to get some useful answers I will, because if it will keep this way, I’ll need to start planning a quit strategy and find something else


This discussion has had plenty of space and nothing new is being added to it here.
You are entitled to post your issue but the discussion does not need to happen again.