Some good TIP's for NEW SELLER


I will give some my own suggestion for the new seller. Though I am also a new seller.

** I would like to suggest that you promote your Gigs on social media. By clicking on Selling > Promote yourself, you will see the options to share your profile and on your Gig’s menu, you will see the option to share them individually.

** Create your GIG Package & must description will error-free. Check this GIG…

** You may also want to try refresh/adjust/edit your Gig periodically, to keep the content fresh and updated.

** Don’t hesitate to get in touch with buyers in the requested gigs section, this is the goldmine for sellers to get in touch potential buyers. You can contact a buyer in the Requested gigs section and create a gig around the service they’re requesting which will help draw more attention to your profile and gigs on Fiverr.


Your gig’s description is riddled with errors and the copywriting is not at all good, so anyone reading this please don’t use this as an example.

As for the rest of the tips, they are pretty much standard tools offered by fiverr so they don’t constitute tips in my book.

I only see this as a self promoting post seeing as you posted your gig, so if a mod can move it to the appropriate section…


Not a mod, but done! :slightly_smiling_face:


the thing that will make a boost is quality instead of quantity.

so try making & deliver quality output to your buyer not just try to increase no of reviews because a quality work will make that buyer come to u again :slight_smile:


I lost my “regular” status long ago so I forgot you can do that. Thanks @offlinehelpers