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Some good work also ruin career!

Recently a buyer left 4 stars on my work though I did good job to his work.I had done two orders with him.First he gave 5 stars then said he need a favour if I do a small job in his site.then he reorder my custom offer then I had done his job
and he said it’s good but he need more favor then I said it’s OK no problem I can help <h2>(without a new order)</h2> then I had done with that then he again ask for another things I also did then he recently marked my order as complete and left 4 stars when I asked he told me he thinks its little expensive he needs 10$ extra for next…strange I gave him 3 complete job instead of 3 orders in a single order and he did that’s kind of behave to me :frowning:

( admin I don’t know which category should be post that )

bad luck you can get into touch with fiverr support may be they can help though i feel they never change rating but you can try once.

Hi, Sometime this happens with everyone. Because buyer want everything in one order and in cheap price. Don’t worry if he gave you 4 star then focus on your next orders and try to give you best as per my knowledge within two or three successful order your profile will be good.

They would not do that

I just not only loss 50$ but also ratings

Bad feedback in the beginning is a lot worse than losing some money. The tone that you set with your buyer the very first time, they will likely to follow it.

You made the mistake by agreeing to work for extra stuff at no cost. He took advantage of that. It is my very humble suggestion to you is that you do not need to care about losing clients that are squeezing you too much and getting the job done for free. The moment they ask you to do something not agreed before the order, you give them the price for it right away. Most of the buyers respect the hard working sellers and they need assistance on regular basis. If the odd buyer still persists, you gently refuse the extra work and not worry about the agreed work for which he as paid.

There is a price for every work and you are not here to work for free. Focus on building lasting relationships with buyers that wont take advantage of your situation.

I know this might sound harsh, but after having the same experiences in the past, I flatly refuse to do extra work for free. If someone asks, I politely ask them to buy a gig extra. If they start asking for multiple revisions, I cancel the order.

In fact, just this morning someone ordered my standard $5 gig, but in their description of what they wanted, requested 2 articles instead of 1. I cancelled this straight away, citing my apologies, but explaining that I don’t do work for free.

What I have come to understand, is that because Fiverr buyers see services as cheap, some assume that they take no time at all for sellers to complete. I try to avoid these people just as much as I do bad drunks and professional hitmen.

Hmmm got that

From my past experience I learn that

I learned that too. I worked for a certain buyer who left a 4.5 rating instead of 5… Keeping in mind that i over delivered his order…i deserved a 5 stars review from him…I learned from my experience

Recently got another one buyer after 100% complete she ask 4 times modifications then I did modified work and went to vacation she cancelled the order with ca :frowning: now she want to pay 50$ only and with a bad feedback (after reorder that she tell me now)

I’ve recently started using the “Gig packages” on my main gig to try and see if it helps with that. I don’t offer free revisions on the bottom tier package and clearly state it. In the past I had written “I don’t offer free revisions” down in the gig description, but lots of buyers don’t even read what they’re buying. (Mainly mobile app users, I’ve found) Hopefully this will help out with the situation; only time will tell. I called the bottom tier “Budget” to hopefully make it obvious it’s not the full service.

@omeome762: you made a small mistake my friend. Once your buyer had given you 4 star rating even we sellers have an option to give feedback to buyer.

I can see that you gave him this review: great man…thanks

Instead you could have mentioned that your buyer had asked for 3 different work at the price of 1 order & still says that its expensive.

You should have protected yourself by defending it by such feedback given to such buyers :slight_smile:

I hope you will remember for next time that even we can defend atleast in such situations :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

May God save all of us from such bad buyers >_<

He just changed his feedback after gave him feedback :frowning:

I am sorry for your negative experience but let this teach you something: regardless of how willing you are to satisfy clients, there always be people who wish to take advantage of you. You lost money and your rating dropped all because you wanted to seem nice! Of course not all buyers are like yours, there will be people who will even tip you for going the extra mile!What you went through isn’t the rule.
My two cents: learn to say no when you sense someone will attempt to take advantage of you. You offer a specific service/product. The client can accept it or not.Don’t sell yourself cheap unless it is a returning client or you feel you won’t be scammed again.
Good luck

mention that buyer name in seller forum. I think that will help us to keep aware from him.

A four-star review isn’t going to ruin your career. I got a four-star review on one of my very first sales, and now I’m in the top four sellers of my parent category. If you offer a good service, and do you own marketing outside of Fiverr, you’ll do fine.

Doing so is against the rules of the Fiverr forum. Users are not allowed to call out other buyers or sellers.

JajakAllah Khair