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Some "gray areas" about the rules


Alright, I’ve already had a warning for posting my personal blog on my page. After discussing the issue with me, the support team generously removed my warning, as long as I did not do it again… HOWEVER, I have had people post links to their facebooks in their private messages to me or in their delivered goods and then I see gigs where people do “skype calls” or “will call you.” Isn’t this all in violation of the rules? I have had a Top Rated seller send me his facebook through the delivery…

So, what is it? Are we allowed to or are we not allowed to? How is it that people can get away with doing gigs “over skype” and “over the phone” when we are told we are not allowed to? How come a Top Rated seller can repeatedly link his facebook page without and repercussions? Do certain rules no longer apply to you when you go up in levels?

I’m not ranting, I’m just confused about this…


Hm, and this goes only for facebook? I have a tarot gig and a homepage devoted to it, besides facebook… I would not be able to link that then? The page actually goes into detail about certain worries and concerns my buyers have that I have repeatedly covered and answers. I just consolidated all of that into a webpage that links back to fiverr… I don’t do any tarot readings outside of here.


Alrighty, so from this, I am taking it, the safest bet is to just link your facebook page devoted to the gig when you deliver the product… yes? xD


Okay. Thanks guys. Makes sense. :slight_smile:


This topic is helpful. I had someone want me to call their voicemail directly to record their greeting. Fiverr was warning me that this is not allowed. But is it? The gig is to record someone’s voicemail greeting. Of course I would only do the job and never bother the buyer again. I would definitely appreciate clarification on this point so that I can be sure to follow the rules. I have gotten offers to record voicemails directly to the phone on here though. It’s easy and I really want to do it.


How do you add the mp3 file to your voicemail?