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Some happy news


In the past 7 days I’ve seen an increase in orders although at least half are repeat buyers.

The average amount of the sales are down but the number of orders is much improved so far this month. I’ve been complaining a lot recently so I thought it’s only right to talk about it when things get better. I’m starting to be busy again which makes me very happy. I love to stay busy doing my job.



Glad to see it Miss Crystal. Lets celebrate


No hearts left, but hooray! :purple_heart:


Haha nice, love that! :heart:


Same my orders have slightly increased but the amount, not so much.
Just hope to get back to my goal of 2k/month again


Well done. Now cast a spell of selflessness to help all of us recover from the orderless abyss. - Pay you $5 for it :slight_smile:


Nice to hear a positive change… what’s your niche BTW?


Yehh! I don’t know MissCrystal, I never felt this slowdown as I’ve been incredibly busy last few months. Who knows about the future, just keep fighting for today! [I’m doing this HUGE order right now which is taking forever to complete, close to 4 figures!]


MissCrystal is the coolest woman in the world. This being the case, it is a niche which is very hard to compete with.


Ohh yeah I just renevmbered her niche…no doubt it’s really hard to succeed in that field… anyways I was not looking to compete her lol


Really good news. Hope this comes other sellers as well…


Oh! This is a good news for entire Fiverr community. :slightly_smiling_face: It instills confidence not everything is going downhill.


I like your best seller gig. I think I might be one of your client soon.
@misscrystal great to hear about increase of your sales. :joy::joy::joy:


Grats! hope we see added recovery for many more. :four_leaf_clover:


Hello friends! try to attend the “Buyer Requests” section every time you will get some positive news