Some Help to make a tip for sellers



I m using this forum for the first time, and i don’t know very well how it work’s here.

I work for a web agency and i have to promote a new site, with a new concept.

We want to offer 5$ for each website register in this new website .

How can i create a tip in fiverr to interest webmasters for this?

thank you for your help


Want you want to do is search in the top right hand corner of with something like “website register”.

I would be happy to do a register for you. Ill send you a private message :slight_smile:

EDIT - It won’t actually let me contact you for ‘privacy reasons’.

If you are simply looking for people to sign up on your site, then just order either of my gigs, provide the instruction and I can do one for you. (I think this is what you meant?)