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Some Hints and Tips - long post

Hi everyone!

I wanted share a few tips based on posts I’ve read on the forum and things I’ve learned through my own experience as a Fiverr seller.

Make the information in your gig(s) clear and concise to set the right expectations for your buyers and check your spelling. Utilise the FAQ’s section to provide more information and instructions for buyers and point them to your FAQ’s in your initial description.
Be realistic about your delivery times so that you don’t create unnecessary time pressure for yourself. If you find that you need additional time for delivery, you can request this with your buyer in a polite and professional way but it’s always best to make sure you have enough time.

Avoid stating that you are available 24 hours a day, this is unrealistic as we all need downtime and sleep :slight_smile:
Offering unlimited revisions is asking for trouble. Revisions are sometimes inevitable, but limiting the number of revisions you offer as a part of your gig helps to set reasonable expectations and encourages your buyers to be clear about their requirements.

Don’t complete work until an order has been made. I’ve read many posts from sellers who have sent completed work expecting the order to come and it doesn’t. It’s your time wasted and can leave you feeling very deflated. I understand the eagerness to get orders and provide buyers with a great service, but you have to set boundaries for yourself.

Free demo’s and examples. Having as many samples on your gig as possible reduces the likelihood of a buyer asking for a work demo to be created. As a voiceover artist, I am happy to provide a free demo if a buyer really can’t decide based on what’s available, but I will only provide a few lines of their script and never the full thing.

Customer Service. I have never had a bad experience with CS. They are very nice people who do their best to help but since the pandemic they have been swamped with tickets. If you have an issue, first see if you can find the info you need in the forum. If you do need to send a ticket, give CS a chance to respond, don’t send multiple tickets as it just delays a response further.

Spam and Scams. If you suspect a message to be spam or from a scammer then report it/flag it. They become obvious over time. I just reply with “No thank you” and report it. Not replying to spam does not affect your response rate, but I still send a “No thank you” as I did experience a small bug once that did affect my response rate because I didn’t reply, however, this was corrected for me.

Fellow Sellers. Be inspired by others but don’t copy and paste from someone else’s gig. Be supportive, Fiverr is a huge marketplace but that doesn’t mean we can’t maintain a community spirit.

Cancellations and negative reviews. It happens sometimes, it’s best to accept it and move on because I know how much it can eat away at you. I lost sleep over a 3 star review I received, which I felt was unfair, but it didn’t have a negative affect on my work flow and I quickly learned to keep my chin up and keep moving forward. Don’t get too caught up in worrying about stats and levels, you can always improve them again. Just do your best with each order.
If you decide to leave a public response to a negative review, don’t be rude or defensive. It comes across as unprofessional. You can always find a way to express yourself politely regardless of the choice of words a buyer may use. If you know the negative review is actually justified, take it on the chin and use it to learn and improve.

If a buyer doesn’t come back to you after sending a custom offer, don’t sweat it, it happens. Sometimes a buyer won’t respond after you have delivered an order, again it happens, it’s no cause for concern. Sometimes they won’t say anything or leave a review, that’s their choice. Don’t contact them asking for reviews and never ask for reviews to be changed.

Challenging orders. The vast majority of buyers are wonderful, but once in a while you will have a difficult experience. Stay polite and professional and maintain your work ethic. There is no problem with going above and beyond for buyers, but don’t be bullied into providing more work than has been paid for and be clear that aggressive or abusive communication is not acceptable.

Please take the time to read the Terms of Service so you don’t find yourself getting warnings and risking your account being suspended.

Be patient and trust yourself. Being a freelancer can be a bit scary sometimes, especially starting out and waiting for work to come in, but the rewards are also great. FREEDOM! Try your best not to worry and trust in your ability and skills. If you have taken the time to make your profile and gig clear and professional then the orders will come eventually.

I think that’s it… :smiley:
Have a great day and I wish you all success on your journey.


Very informative…


Thank you for posting these tips! I have been rather deflated this last week because I feel like I’m wasting my time. I know that I should be using this time where I don’t have orders coming in to grow my gigs and level up my skills, but sometimes I think I get so caught up in the numbers, I forget that this lifestyle is about the long game. What you do now, affects the end result, even if it’s slow and tedious, doing the work and paying attention to the details will pay off.


Yes it is very effective information. :+1:


I understand completely. I’ve been a freelancer since I graduated from acting school in 2010, boy, have there been many bumps in the road and lessons to learn. Things improved when I stopped identifying solely with being an actor and looking at how I could use those skills in other ways and then I had other work that paid really well. Running workshops in huge corporate companies for example, teaching them how to present better and use their voices. Of course, this went away with the pandemic, but I’d already been with fiverr a couple of years, so I had a fall back.

It takes time and a bit of metal for sure, but it’s better than working on someone’s else’s dream for minimum wage per hour. Apart from asking myself “what other possibilities am I not seeing?”, I also refuse to get caught up in worry and anxiety. If it’s there fine, but I don’t dwell. Being able to relax and trust that you’ll be OK, that the work will come is powerful.

I wish you all the best.


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