Some images have been Copy right issue


I am a vector tracing designer.

all images send by me send by the Customer. Let me know that Who will take the responsibility of this images by whom?. that is copy right issue is it a come to me or not. ( some images can copy right by buyers other web site or not ) .

Thank you!


From the ToS - both of you would be responsible - but buyers should not be providing them in the first place.

Fiverr Customer Support will cancel orders based on, but not limited to, the following reasons:
Users supplied or included copyright/trademark infringing materials as part of the Buyer requirements or the seller’s delivery.


But I don’t know it is copy right or not. My service is convert to vector given image by buyers


If your account is going to depend on finding out whether images you’ll work on are copyright, maybe you’ll need to find a way to check them before you start on an order?


but it is very difficult. I think should be contact CS for this problem


Thank you very much !!!


You’re welcome - good luck with it all! :sunny:


same to you!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:



Just sharing my experience with you.
Once I got an image for recreation which has watermark on it. Customer has sent me that image and said me to recreate it. I politely replied him “Sir, I can recreate it as it is, but this image has watermark on it and you do not have to use it. You will get in trouble in future with copy-right issues.” And i declined that project.


THAK YOU! Some images not have watermark. How find them copy right or not?


have a reverse image search (google) before accepting orders


but many order received before asked.


If someone brings you a stolen car to put some paint on it or something, what will you do?

And do you think that you won’t be held responsible if you work on it, and you get caught?


I understood. It mean all orders are should be check copy right or not plz?


Yes, always check whether the image you receive is copyrighted (and, if it is, whether your buyer can prove that they own that image, or have the right to use it).


Tanks for all
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