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Some Info and Opinion on Chargebacks


Those information is okay. But it’s bit critical to understanding. Thank you for mentioned those highlights and discus. This tips may help sellers and it’s follow. Cheers :slight_smile:


Is there anything I said that is not clear? Please ask if there is.



Great info. I needed this to relax after the horrible cases!:ok_hand:


Thank you, this is good to know! I actually didn’t know this could even be a problem. What a nightmare!


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This awesome, I have been concerned about this for a while since I came on Fiverr. This info is a relieve


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How does everybody judge who to sell to and who not to? I have been on here for a month yesterday, already I have had 10 canceled orders with charge back. Their accounts have dissapeared and last month Jan has cost me $80 in revenue. again today I have had one cancel which fiverr made me aware that it was a paypal dispute and to stop selling to this seller. I have just had a new userorder that has only been a member since this month. I have previously requested cs take a look at one order but have heard nothing back from them and the customer messages me every day. How woul you experienced sellers approach these?

It also states this customer that has just placed an order is a repeat customer but they have never ordered from me?


Dear Nathan:

Here’s a thread with more information about troublesome buyers: Warning Signs of a Potentially Troublesome Buyer.

Unfortunately, dealing with dishonest people is a fact of life.

I suggest you edit your post because I don’t understand this question:

It also this customer that has just ordered is a repeat customer but they have never ordered from me?

Good luck,

P.S. My guess in response to your revised question: Maybe they mean the Buyer is a repeat Fiverr customer, not necessarily your repeat Buyer.

If they’ve never bought from you before, you’d probably be able to demonstrate that by cross-referencing your sales…


Have just edited the message


10 separate chargebacks is a lot and I think I know why you are facing this.
I think you may be experiencing the same kind of problems that I had when I had a website which sold traffic. I did this through my own website and faced chargebacks quite regularly. A lot of people who buy traffic (and email lists) really do not know what they are doing. So many people had ridiculously bad websites that were an assault on the eyes with affiliate links, popups etc everywhere. They expected to buy 10,000 visitors from me for $50 and to make thousands of dollars from all these people clicking their links. That is obviously not going to work as any real person will simply close that site asap.
The same kind of people will buy your email lists and just send out bulk emails with affiliate links etc. When it doesn’t work because of spam filters etc, they will blame your list! They will know they can’t go back to you as you delivered what was asked for so instead they do a chargeback.
As the chargebacks I got from my traffic site were against my own Paypal account I could respond and dispute it and I never lost any revenue as a result. I explained clearly to paypal exactly what had happened (including my suggestions to them to improve their sites) and Paypal ruled in my favor.
You cant do that here and so you will have to ask CS to help every time but it is unlikely to be successful. I eventually sold that site because what was supposed to be a half hour/week project was taking up hours and hours of responding to emails and chargebacks. It was not worth my time.


Hi, thank you for the info. I have checked through all my previous salesand that buyer is not among them. So maybe the green circle saying repeat buyer just means they have purchased from another buyer, but does seem a bit silly if that is all repeat buyer icon means? Im sure there are tons of buyers that have made oter purchases from other sellers so it doesn’t really ake any sense.


The green circle saying repeat buyer seems to appear as soon as the buyer places an order with you.


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