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Some Informative rply about gig rank. ( i did to someone so m posting for others too)

Peoples ask a question how gigs rank ?
so here i have an opinon…
No one knows the Complex Algorithm of fiverr, If person use search by keywords and tags to search, i have more then 2 years on fiverr, sometimes i feel as tags and your skills are used to get your gigs in search tags. because sometime even using same title , your gig won’t be on top. but if the Buyer go to category -> subcategory etc and your gig appears on good rank. so that’s all matters. i asked fiverr support once and they said as what matters is your continuous 5 stars, your good response time, your cancellation rate and few more things. so fiverr obviously takes your gigs once on top to have you first buyer. because if one thing matters, then obviously more stared gigs and top ranked people will always be on top. so that doesn’t matter. try not to loose your first client. because according to my observation, if a new buyer will come to your inbox and it converts into an order. your will surely get another one. so try not to let that person go which came to yoru inbox. it depends on your conversation at last. so impressions clicks etc all go up when your profile rank will be good in fiverr’s eye, fiverr will take your gigs on top on weekly basis or daily basis for some time. so don’t worry about it all more. just take care of your communication skill and don’t let any buyer to go away. buyer will surely listen you if your profile is as more strong and attractive and shows like a brand instead of a single person working on cheap rates as a freelancer.


Thank You very much for your advice. It was very helpful opinion for me. Actually i lost my first buyer. I think this is the issue why I don’t get buyer. I missed buyer message first time. I got a buyer knock after published my gig. It was 4 hour late reply. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Have you any opinion for it? How can i get buyers now.?
Thanks advanced for your opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:strong text

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Ohh sorry… two years ago, i created my gigs and just left my account and suddenly after three months, i got notification when i came back home from University and i checked my very first message 10 hours late. but luckily that person gave me work and i got more then 10 orders contineously which starts my account to grow very well. but if we lost our first buyer, it means your gig is working. just wait sometimes, i notice my gigs were ranking on specific days. so i wait and on that day i must get any buyer. so keep trying to be active on forum, checking for buyer request and must try to reach through them, try to update your profile, give some tests and fill every information. try to complete number of gigs. i am sure you must get any more buyer once again… don’t worry my brother created an account and he didn’t get anything since he selling days i.e. 60 with no level passed. but after that he starts to getting buyers even he lost his first 5 or 6 but still he is getting. so don’t worry. if nothing works, try to get any person or buyer your local person or any other relative or best way to catch any work from facebook or social, and give him extra discount or offer and ask him for favor to give your order on fiverr. it will surely help you. thankyou… last tip really works. try to find that person from social media and its totally legal according to fiverr too by promoting your gig. thankyou