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Some Interesting Stats

I just looked over some stats I had written down when the once-a-month evaluation system went into effect. Does anyone remember what year that was? I am thinking late in 2017 or early in 2018. We used to call the monthly evaluation day “St. Level’s Day.”

At that time, I kept track each month to see how many lost their levels. At that time, there were a total of 6960 proofreaders under the category “Proofreading and Editing.” Now there are 15,682! Of the total proofreaders now, there are12,682 new sellers. So, there are a total of 5 times more writers now.

At that time, there were also 319 TRSs that were proofreaders. Now there are 37. It went down month by month until the last time I checked back then; there were 27. St Level’s Day took its toll! :tired_face:

I also kept track of writers. Back then, there was a total of 35,886 writers. Now there are 131,338 writers in total, and 34,432 of them are new sellers.

Now there are 93 TRS writers. Back then, it went down month by month until the last time I checked then; there were 34.

These stats speak to the number of new sellers that have come to the Fiverr Platform and the Fiverr Forum. They also explain why so many people are looking for advice, tips & tricks, and help to get their first order. I am super thankful I did not have to start being a freelancer in March of 2020.


Good stats, for sure and they backup what I’ve been saying for months that the platform has exploded with new Sellers.

I am also thankful that I started my freelance writing career in 2014 and not 2020.


Thank you for your stats. Working here is getting tougher day by day now.

Yes, that is due to the tidal wave of new sellers since the pandemic hit.

Haha, I miss the other people who were active in the forum back then too! I think most of them are just lurking now.

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Me, being one of them.

It is strange. I do regret not looking in to Fiverr early on, but, when you have normal day job and life is more or less ok, you go to 8-17 shifts, take vacation, weekends off, get salary regardless company making profit or not, it never comes to mind to think about anything else.

Pandemic changed a lot of things. Not just health wise. There will be a whole generation of kids with less knowledge due to poor online education (in my country still they do not have proper materials for online teaching, even after whole summer of time to prepare).

I am not fan of freelancing. I prefer passive income. Until that kicks in successfully …

PS. Logo category is changing with each F5 pressed

Happenstance, March 19th of 2020 was actually when I started selling. :smile:

Voice over has definitely become more saturated over time (although nowhere near as much as other categories), so I’m fairly glad I made the expansion into video services!

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Thankfully here in Montana, the kids were back in the classroom this fall.

I would too.

I love it as a retirement job.

And what does F5 do?

F5 generally is a keybind shortcut to refresh a web browser page.


I did the same thing, and I am very happy for that!