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Some new tips and tricks for New members


Hello Hello guys I m new in fiverr please tell me some tips and tricks


Step 1.
Remove the “dear” from your profile description and change it to something like "everyone."
Trust me.


There are none. Fiverr isn’t a magic show. Using the word ‘tricks’ just makes it sound scammy.

Do some reading on the forum and you’ll find some tips. :wink:


Be consistent and must have Patience is the key to fiverr. Response to everyone professionally and use simple English and yes please never use buyer request to find work (It is going to give you nightmare)


As a new member you should use the buyer requests daily.No one come and give you the easy money here.


Be professional, deliver on time, communicate well and make sure your work is better quality than your other sellers :slight_smile:

Build up a good reputation and buyers will come eventually


I’ve had quite a few jobs from buyers requests. the key is to make sure you go for jobs that are clear in their requirements. Avoid any that are confused or complicated,

Also I avoid all the cheap jobs that want you to draw a da vinci for a fiverr. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your expensive ideas


what is expensive ideas?


Its something like precious ideas