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Some newbie questions. Please answer!


Hello there! I’m pretty new in Fiverr. I have a few questions looking to have answered. Here are they:

  • How does changing titles, descriptions, videos and photos affect the Gig? I have a Gig and I want to change it’s video. I have made an improved one, will that lower the performance of this Gig?
  • How do I contact Fiverr support center, if something goes wrong?
  • People keep saying to “market” my Gigs. One can do it on the social media, blogs etc. But I don’t have many followers. Do I still market them?
    Even in many place it is instructed to open a blog site for the Gigs, but if no one visits it, will it work in that case?
  • What do you do when you don’t have a lot of free time?

Thank you.


Once you make the change, your gig will not be shown in the search results until the video is reviewed and approved.

Link is in the footer: and you can visit the support site

Where are your potential clients? Social media is not a solution for every service. Maybe your clients don’t use social media that much. Do your market research :wink:

If nobody will visit it then there’s no need for it.

You prioritize :slight_smile:
Why did you join Fiverr? What do you want to achieve here?


Wow thank you so much!