Some of days, not found any job. But I am label-2 seller


Some of days, i not found any new job from fiverr. What happen? But i am a label-2 seller in fiverr. I am hopeless now :frowning:


just have patient of course you find job


Are you submitting offers to buyers’ requests? Are you reaching out to people outside Fiverr? I don’t think it’s enough to just sit and wait for buyers - you have to go and get them. I’ve only been freelancing for a couple of months now but I find that that’s the best way to get clients.


yes, i submit request to buyer also share my gig’s to social network like twitter, linkedin & google+


@shadikul Thanks brother.


never hopeless if you don’t get job for 3 or 4 days or more,
just wait like a crocodile and when get chance never miss it.


That’s good.

I don’t know much about Fiverr but I would recommend editing your profile. Your written English is not that good. In addition, I’d suggest you create custom graphics for each of your gigs and format them properly.

I also found that sending offers that are tailored to the request is a very efficient way to get clients, as opposed to sending a very general proposal. I got 3 clients just yesterday by using this technique, and I am at level 0!

I hope this helps,


@shimul_sas yes, you are right. No way without wait… :slight_smile:


I hit a lull in my sales for a few days and started to get a bit worried and then everything started flooding in - I feel like it’s either feast or famine! I find that during those times, I scour the Buyer’s Requests and put in for anything I am remotely qualified for or cut my bid rates, just to keep work and reviews coming in.


what should I do to get my order?


@ajisapu try to share your gig’s in social network like twitter, linkedin etc.


first of all you have 10 buyer request to sent use that feature.
if don’t works then you can change your gigs taglines.
and as you are new so i think you should wait and keep trying like that way till 60 to 70 orders.
then any buyer can believe in your service that time you can get job regularly.
but till then you have to wait


@shimul_das You are right, have no way without wait for new seller. But I am label-2 seller, I have lot of works already done. But few day’s have no work… :frowning:


Yes ronymaha30,

keep trying one day you can also will be a great seller.

but till then you have to trying,



already but not yet menbuahkan my results have also been sent at buyer request of 70 but not yet jg dapet order


i am also pass that kind of problem and still some time it happen. but never give up just keep trying.

and in average i am happy


In my experience, it has taken 100 deliveries on one gig to get that gig off the ground. This will give you about 60 reviews on one gig. Be patient. The orders will eb and flow.

Take an opportunity to build some new gigs, Some of my best gigs developed after I had become level 2. Look for products on Fiverr that are selling well. Things that you are really good at doing. You never know what new gig might be around the corner for you.


Hi @landongrace great response and soo true…


yes you are 100% right. and it’s working too