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Some of my Buyer Requests are not showing. It shows only a couple of them, any solution? :-(


The Buyer Request Section is showing only a couple of requests on which I can apply. It shows 2/6 like that. But I am unable to see the rest of them.

Any solutions?

Thank Much!


If it is in fiverr app,then you have to slide right

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Yes I tried doing that but it doesn’t move further

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It is an old bug :bug:. Just ignore it.


Yeah @vickiespencer. But then how do I send them offers?

Only ten sellers of each level can send an offer on each Buyer Request. Once ten sellers have sent an offer the BR is removed. I suspect the number you see that says “Active” is hidden from your level of seller, so you cannot apply for them.

Have you read this?

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Understood. Thank you so much for your help. I will have to be more prompt to BR.

I had even written to Fiverr Support on this issue and they too gave the same answer

Thanks for your help