Some of My personal Tips That can Help you


If you’re selling your service for the first time, it’s quite a different ballgame from what you experienced as a first-time buyer.

1.Don’t overprice
2.Get Everyone Involved in Selling for your service
3.Don’t Sweat the Deal Size
4.Satisfy Customers With Data
5.Feel your customer Problem your own
6.Provide Cold care for the Problem that he has.
7.Provide Samples.
8.Offer a money-back guarantee

I hope that will you help you a bit.



what do 2,3, 4,6 mean (the first 6, not the second 6)? Please clarify.

On the second 6 presumably you don’t mean free samples? Please clarify.

On 7, I disagree. It makes you sound as if you don’t think you’ll complete the work adequately, or it will leave you open to buyers who might take advantage.


2nd one means that you have to advertise your service for all the communities.

3rd one means only take the order that you can do.

4th one means provides different data examples for his problem.

6th one means provide the satisfaction that you can solve his problem with the unique way that other don’t have.

Thank you @capitalquality


thanks for clarifying the first points.



great… thanks for adding awesome info!



pleasure you like it. :heart_eyes: