Some of my reviews are not showing in my analytics


I have done 7 orders so far, and I have received positive reviews on every single one. However, in my analytics page, it is showing that I have two positive reviews and 5 not rated. What is going on? Then, when I check the actual gig page, the positive reviews and comments are showing up there. So why are they not being counted on my analytics page. Any ideas?


Mine says I have 10 not rated, I would like to know myself what it means.


That’s something that’s just off - I have 10 “not rated” that are in fact rated - I think, that so long as the actual rates show up on the gigs, then it’s “ok”. I would of course like it if the analytics were accurate (that is what they are there for, after all) but it’s better to have that bug than another.

I contacted CS and although they sort of tried to help me, there wasn’t much they apparently could do. I sort of gave up and am now just living with it. It does mean that you have to be a bit more aware of which gigs have ratings and which do not, so that you can make sure that they at least show up on the gigs as they should.


Same with me, Every time i submit support they corrected it and after few days same happen.