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Some of these "Motion graphic artist", i wish fiverr would be more strict

Really it’s just so annoying seeing some gigs just from the intro / animated logo category alone, claiming that they are 5 years or more experienced as motion graphic artist, and yet their gigs are using templates videohive, i bet real motion artist wouldn’t do that. and more, there are plenty gigs that giving the exact same service with exact same preview. worst, if you type “mystic wolf” at search box you’ll see at least 10 same gigs using videohive template, and i know there are sites that giving that templates for free, in other words, they are stealing templates from videohive, then sell it on fiverr.
it was 10 when i see it, it should be fewer now since i reported them.

edit : nope, still more than 3.

why am i so confident in saying that they are “stealing”?? because what’s given on those websites for free, is exactly what people are selling here…

i think it’s ok if you are inspired by some projects, but this is different…

The worst part is when i came across this gigs, which the preview are using video from, also the image preview. and of course, the gigs itself is just working on project that has been done on
so i reported the gigs because i tought i read that the video must be your own.

so what do you think…i just wish fiverr would be more strict about this…

Since there are hundreds and thousands (or maybe millions at this point?) of gigs here, I guess it must be very difficult for the Fiverr staffs to keep track of every single gig.
There are plenty of gigs like the one you’ve mentioned, try searching “logo gigs,” you’ll be surprised with how many people use shuttershock images as their samples.
Using shuttershock is bad enough, some sellers use other seller’s images, claiming it to be
their own. I usually report those sellers right away in order to keep Fiverr clean.
It’s impossible to prevent those gigs from being created, but I would like to believe that many
buyers could tell whether those gigs are original or not, and avoid the fake/stolen ones.