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Some on copied my GIG video that featured me

hi all,

some one copied one my gig intro video, and the video featured me in it, the copy cat is now in top place in new gigs and is getting sales because of my video, what do i do, i tried contacting customer support but what category should i choose to submit the request :frowning:

i have no idea, has that ever happened to any of you, what did you do about it

Perhaps you could submit the request in the Copyright Violation category.

Reply to @catwriter: thanks for the reply but that requires the registration certificate number, but i dont have that …

It has happened to many people. Just pick whatever category seems like it will get the quickest response. Good luck!

You can contact Customer Support, you can also try contacting the seller who

stole your video and tell them to take it down within 48 hours, something like that.

They might do it, they might not, when you send the message you can add

"If you don’t take it down I will contact Customer Support."

Sorry this happened to you, good luck!!!