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Some one please help me


My Review is now 3.7 How to increase my review. Some days ago i’m cencle a order then the buyer give me one star review. so that i have 3.7 Review how to increase it. Please tell me.

My fiverr profile link:-


how is it possible? if you canceled an order then the buyer cannot put a review on your profile I think buyer canceled the order . and don’t lose hope. improve your skills and carry on ; )


The only way to increase your reviews is to get more orders - there isn’t any magic trick to it.

Are you saying that YOU cancelled the order or it was LATE and you automatically got a 1 star from the buyer, which is normal if you do not deliver on time.



Thanks For your Answare


It doesn’t look like you cancelled the order. It looks like your buyer cancelled it after you were more than 48 hours late, and the 1 star review is an automated feedback for that.


Good Reply Thanks. Sure Your answare is Correct.


ow! really ! but from when this system started!


You mean, when the buyer cancels the order that’s over 48 hours late, and the seller gets the automated 1 star feedback stating that the order was cancelled and that they failed to deliver on time? It’s always been there, or at least since I joined over 4 years ago. There’s nothing new about that system.


oh… i see … thanks for your information. great