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Some orders not showing on world domination

Hey guys,

So I have completed 10 orders in 2 months so far. My world domination only shows orders from the US (2), Germany (4), Italy (1) and Australia (1). The other 2 were from Singapore and a place called Reunion. Why don’t they show up on my world domination?

Thanks, Mahiee

It takes time to conquer the world and for Fiverr to register complete order. It will show up eventually.

It has been a few weeks, are you sure?

Is it really important?
You can contact CS about this after COVID is cleared.

The site is changing all the time and there are bugs here and there all over, come and go.


I just like the look of a higher world domination so…

I can understand.

Until recently I did not even scroll that far in that section.
I prefer to have more orders, don’t really care for the origin.

Maybe Reunion isn’t on their map because of the size of it. There doesn’t seem to be a grey part of the map where it is. But I agree, if it’s not showing both when it should be, contacting CS would be the best way to get it fixed, but they’ve got a lot of tickets to work though currently I think.

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