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Some past customer wants me to do a retake for free


So I did an order for this guy a couple days ago for a voiceover, he left a 5-star review and everything seemed to go fine. He messaged me this morning and said that for a whole different project he wants me to do for free because I did a horrible job on my last order (he left a 5-star review). What should I do?


Reply to @catsquirrel: OK, I’ll do this. Thanks!


Reply to @catsquirrel: Good point of view.


Cheater buyer. wants free thing for nothing. if you don’t give him what he want then you will face 1 star. I would say capture the screen shot of his feedback.


Try to speak to him and ask, why did he leave a 5-star positive review, if he didn’t like your work. Why he came back? Talk to him. If he doesn’t know that he can edit review, I would try to do it for free (Maybe). It depends on, how long it will take you to record a new voiceover. You can also just say, that I will return your money. Two variants. I would prefer the first one.


Reply to @killme20: Can he change his feedback once it’s been given? I would have thought that once the feedback had been given that would be the end of it.

@ rileywalz: Personally I would do small amendments, say for example if someone wanted a small bit of information changing, but after he’s given you feedback for good work, I wouldn’t do a redo. I would only do a redo if s/he asked me at the beginning.

I’m a very new seller here, so my advice probably wouldn’t be the best.


Reply to @volodymyrpro7: That sounds like a good idea to me, you’re leaving the ball in his court then. It may be an idea to ask him what he doesn’t like about it too, it’s all good and well him saying he all of a sudden doesn’t like it, but saying you did a horrible job isn’t really very helpful for a redo.


I have a similar case opened. Buyer was going out of the limits described in my order and when I refused to work more under the same order then told me that he didn’t need the work anymore.

I haven’t received any response from the support yet. And I’m afraid whom the support will side with.


Definitely take a screenshot of the 5-star review, and of his messages. I don’t think the buyer can delete the messages, but you might as well have extra evidence on hand.

The buyer is clearly trying to intimidate you, in order to scam you out of free work. You’ll want to have some kind of proof, if you need to take the problem to Customer Service, later.


I would be happy to change the first project for free, if it needs it to be different. If he is not happy with the first project I would offer a refund and a mutual cancellation.

This first project should not be more than a $25.00. I don’t do large projects on a first order because of the potential of a cancellation.

I will not continue with a second order until the first order is 100% satisfied and a perfect review.

That is the only way to keep “No Negative Reviews”.


I believe feedback can be change in 30 days. Its give more power to buyer push the sell to work hard for so little. Its crazy. Customer Service Hmm good luck.


Ignore the feedback totally, the point is that this customer is not happy and as a business you should desire to make this a happy customer.

Ask them what would be needed yo make them happy, go over ALL previous emails with them so you are clear on their requirements, you can compare the product you sent them when doing this, but NOT in a “I did it right” way, do it in a " this is what I thought you meant by this" way…

MOST people out there are NOT trying to screw others over, they just have a different view, I am certain if you lose the “I am right” approach, you will fast learn that you and this guy are not that far apart from a great experience!


Reply to @killme20: I avoid gigs with no negative reviews, real people mess up once in a while, how the seller handles the review is more important to me!