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Some people just don't make sense aka STUPID

Here what I got in my Inbox, FYI, this person didn’t contact me at all, didn’t placed an order actually, below was the 1st message I got from he/she:

Only one problem: HOW do I send you my photo? By mail in an envelope?? :confused: “confused”, Can I only send you money…without being able to send you a photo??? Are you a scam?

I have used computer for more than 20 year!!! I know how to use it! You need to learn programming?Just need to find the button you´re talking about. Where have you hide it? Best regards/R

Let´s say I chose:
$15 Standard

3 Days Delivery 1 Revision
Full Colour Portrait
Head to Shoulder, 500 pixels, transparent background. Best use for Avatar & Web.
Color 1 Figure"

and then I press a button that directy take me to…payment! WTF??? Shall I pay without sending photo???

He/She thought I’m the CREATE fiverr site! How come someone out there so stupid? On my god. The point here was stupid is not really a problem to me, but said I’m a scam, ask me to learn programming in-order to make the site better, I just hate this kind of idiot.

This is crazy!!! And if you can´t tell me I will tell the world :slight_smile:

Man, I’m cringing so hard after reading the very first message. Wow. That’s a new level of clueless.

You know what’s super annoying??? <- That.

I can’t stand it when clients use 14 million question marks to emphasize whatever they’re trying to ask, even if it’s not a question.

He or she thinks you are the one who created fiverr (and then I press a button that directy take me to…payment! WTF??? Shall I pay without sending photo?

Very stupid indeed. Don’t mind him so much even if he or she has called you a scam, but you need to press the report button

I would have hit the report button after the first message (along with my own “?”). “this user can no longer be contacted” is wonderful for quietening the cray crays.

^ What emmaki said! :slight_smile:

I get crazy messages too and sometimes make a game of them where I try to explain things and give really nice responses for fun. But in this case this person is a disaster so best not to even try to deal with them. I would say simply “I’m sorry but I cannot help you with this. Best of luck.”

Maybe he is new to all this
Explain bit and maybe he will be a regular buyer

I’d rather not have them try to buy from me … just sayin =D

This picture totally had me giggling Iced coffee on my cats tail - he’s the butthead that likes to prance on my keyboard :slight_smile: