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Some people must think I was born last week

So, today was the last straw. Fiverr really needs to do something about these non-buyers. So I have gotten at least 4 of these people who go to my messages and ask me to click on their website link. Once you do, you are taken to a page that has 8-12 banner ads.

They ask me to click all 12 of them to “find the articles”. I utilize adsense. I know that the only content on the other side of those ads is content by the advertiser. They want me to click these articles so that they can get the ad revenue, and they never plan on actually buying anything.

Don’t even bother with the websites, they are fake, and all the same fricken sites!


This one I got literally 10 minutes ago. I spammed and reported them immediately. All 4 of these are by 4 separate people.

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I don’t really know what can be done to stop this, but it is very annoying.


People who message me wanting to ‘look’ at their website usually dress things up a bit more.

I had one guy this morning asking me to visit his site to let him know what I can do for him. I said no, sorry, you need to tell me what you want. Then I get back:

“Please visit my site.”

A lot of these people (I assume) are Fiverr sellers with multiple accounts, or sellers from other platforms who offer traffic gigs. Hence why they get a bit frazzled when you fail to click.


Frazzled indeed, the discrepancy between initial message (probably copy-pasted) and second message after your response can be staggering.



Click on report button if someone sends you that type of messages because it helps to safe our community to fake buyers

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But he has “big amount of work for you”! :roll_eyes:
I had the same one last week :triumph: but didn’t click through.

…my post was flagged as spam by multiple members of the community…? OK, why?


I only had to click through once, and never again.

:laughing: Probably wouldn’t want to pay the “big amount” of money for that work though.

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