Some people would rather fail than admit they might be wrong


I had really hoped that I wouldn’t have a reason to post in this category, but here I am.

The one thing that’s most amazing to me, is that I’m surprised by anything, anymore.

Buyer didn’t put any information in the required information questions, didn’t reply to 2 messages and then leaves a 3.7 saying that delivery was not as described. I politely thank them for their honesty and ask how I could improve the product [nothing said about feedback or anything else]. Buyer says they were expecting an email they could copy/paste when the gig clearly says that’s not what the gig is.

So I copy the text out of the description, tell the buyer, hey, no biggie, but here’s what it says. Regardless, I’m happy to write you an email that you can use.[something I would charge much more for but willing to do for this guy] First I need to know these 3 things and I’ll send you something amazing.


People’s pride blows me away

I’m done

Thanks, here’s your soapbox back


The buyer has given low ratings to other as well, so anyone who does a bit of research and reads your response will see that it probably wasn’t a fair rating for your service.


How do you find out this information?


You can just search any username in google and it will pull up reviews by that user


Very useful information. Thanks!


If the username is not that unique and you get a ton of results then use



…and he failed to provide other sellers with the necessary information, too.


I’ve actually had an experience with this particular buyer, they were incredibly abusive and after delivery decided they no longer needed the service. They then left a completely unjustified review that they told me was designed to “ruin me” as I wouldn’t refund them.

That they are free to still behave like this is why a visible rating system for buyers is so desperately needed. I would like to know if a buyer has a history of abusing sellers or not responding or trying to exploit the system for extra or free work.


If anyone gets a bad or unfair review, you can respond in detail with screenshots by using imgur. It is an image sharing site where you can also write text to go with the images. You can include the URL for your imgur response in the reply to the bad review. So in this way you can have more room to describe what happened and also review the buyer in detail.

In this case I would say that this buyer has a history of leaving bad reviews to sellers, not giving any information to do a job, and being abusive. You can back this up with screenshots of what you found on google, or of other reviews they have left for sellers.


I don’t know about Imgur, but I would use either YouTube or Vimeo.


I did it for both of the bad reviews I got and it’s easy and perfect for the job. It’s unfortunate that our responses to bad reviews are not included on the list of reviews on our profiles but at least they are shown on our gigs. It takes a second to make an account on imgur.


I looked at his old gigs, when he was a seller.
He was one of those arbitrage guys, I found where he would buy services for $2 from another site and was selling them here for $5.

I feel sorry for him, he will have a lot of trouble in business.


Great idea, thank you.

I gave quite a bit of detail.
Not to mention, such contrast to the other reviews, if someone can’t see the difference, I likely don’t wont to work with that person either.


Honestly guys, I think people are giving way too much credence to reviews. Sure, if you have a string of negatives then it might affect you but getting an odd one here and there means literally nothing as far as I can see. Just give an honest and professional response/review of them and leave it at that - move on to the next client, instead of “showing the facts” on Imgur and Youtube, create a promo piece for those platforms instead. It will make you feel better and will likely have more effect.


Some of us perfectionists like to do this to feel more relaxed about getting a bad review since we feel it’s not fair. It’s cathartic if nothing else.


I agree and I don’t

I am not “dwelling on it”
However, with so few reviews, that one 3.7 knocked me down to a 4.8.
One more and no seller level for another 30 or 60 days.


Yeah, I get that but I don’t think it helps as much as other things could. I used to take negatives much worse but realized that it really doesnt seem to matter.

Yeah, I get that too. They do have a bigger effect in the beginning, that’s for sure. I was’t really referring to your OP, being annoyed by an unfair review is perfectly normal - it would be abnormal not to be. My point is more that negative reviews are not as bad as many think they are and the less time spent focusing on them, the better.


I read bad reviews and put a lot of weight on them but maybe I’m in the minority. If it’s just a few with hundreds of great ones it’s not as bad but still, they do make me hesitate to hire someone sometimes. Overall it does not seem to hurt sales at all and I see a lot of great sellers with lots of bad reviews who still do a huge volume of sales.

I’m thinking of that incredibly successful lady who writes resumes. She has such a large number of bad reviews she was demoted from being a top rated seller but it has not hurt her tremendous sales volume.


Sometimes, the more damning a review, the more I think “Oh, that buyer is one of thoooose types” and I ignore it.


I don’t get too bent about anything really.

And Thank You BTW :slight_smile: