Some problem with fiverr revenue card button


Hi guys how are you i have some problem with fiverr revenue card button…

Last time when i was pressed this button to withdrawing money this button was showing dim after successful withdraw .But today i again have press this button to again withdrawing my new earnings and have successfully withdraw also showing my money in my payoneer. But still button looking Highlighted (not dimmed) and also still showing my available (cleared) funds there i logged out form fiver and login again but still my funds showing there :smiley:

It mean if i press again this button i will again get money in my bank account for free :-p ?

I afraid to click this button again so tell me there is any problem if i press this button again ?


Osman shahbaz


It takes some time for the button and the available funds to update. The button will go dim after a while, and your available funds will go to $0.

Clicking the button when you don’t actually have funds to withdraw (because you’ve withdrawn them already) will do nothing at best, and create you problems at worst.


Reply to @catwriter: So you if i click the button then maybe i get any problem…


Osman shahbaz


Reply to @osman_shahbaz: You’ve already withdrawn your money, so clicking on the button again seems pointless to me.


Reply to @catwriter: Yes you are 100% right the button has been disable or dimmed now :slight_smile:



Osman shahbaz