Some Question about Fiverr


Hello there, This is Mahinul. I have some questions about Fiverr. Can you answer me?

  1. Is there any problem of creating more than one Fiverr account from shared IP/same IP? (Different Device)
  2. Is there any issue of share more than one accounts Fiverr gig on one social media account? (For example, If I share my gig and my friend gig from one facebook account) Is there any problem?
  3. Can I use my one account from different IP and different device at the same time?
  4. What cause are the main cause of Fiverr account disable or restriction?
  5. Can I share my gigs from more than one social media account? (Like I have 2 twitter accounts I want to share the same gig from both)

Please answer the questions according to Fiverr Terms and Conditions? (For Seller)


  1. no
  2. there are several reasons can do that

What you cannot do is have more than one account. Fiverr has very sophisticated ways of finding out who has more than one account and will do it. And ban your accounts. Don’t even try it.
And it is NOT the way to be a success. Everyone who makes a lot of money on fiverr does it with one account. No need for more.

If you can’t make it with one account having more than one won’t help you.


The best way is to actually read the ToS yourself to make sure you leave nothing out.
You can find a link to the ToS at the bottom of each page on